Top 5 of September

I haven't done monthly favourites in ages. Because I know you love to read them and I also enjoy writing them because I often discover amazing products I want to talk about I decided to bring this series back but in a bit different way. I'm going to talk about five favourite products of a certain month. I'm going to mention new amazing products that I discovered that month and those I was using the most throughout a certain month. 

In September I wasn't doing my makeup very often but I did discover two new makeup products I felt in love with. There's also one nail polish that completely stole my heart. Two of the mentioned products are my favourite for a few months now and that's why I need to talk about them with you.

Although I have dry skin I always use face gels to wash my face because I think they clean my face the best. Most of the gels started to dry my face after some time of usage, but not this one. I even have a feeling that it slightly moisturizes my skin. It washes my face amazingly. After the usage, I really have a feeling that my face is completely clean. Its formula is thick and only a squeeze is enough to clean a whole face because it foams really nicely. It contains 150 ml and it costs 18,18 €.

Borotalco Intensive Deo Roll On
I didn’t expect much from this product but it was my saver in hot summer days. I sweat a lot and this product helped me that I didn’t stink. The scent isn’t strong and it’s pleasant, while it lasts for hours. It didn’t prevent sweating, but I didn’t sweat as much as I would if I wouldn’t use it and I didn’t smell bad. Another positive thing about it is that it doesn’t leave white marks on clothes, although it’s white. I was never a fan of roll on deodorants before because they usually leave white marks on clothes. 

Etre Belle mascara
In the past few months. I started to test few mascaras but this is one of the rare that impressed me. It has a nice black, not too wet formula that defines lashes perfectly. It separates them, gives them a volume and length.  My lashes look really beautiful so I love to use it. 

Trend It Up Metallic Dust 020
Fall is time for darker shades and although I’m the biggest fan of nail polishes with a cream finish, Trend It Up polish 020 stole my heart already in the store. It’s such a pretty blue metallic shade with an amazing formula that applies easily and dries fast. When I paint my nails and I want them to be done quickly, I usually reach for this shade. 

I’m completely in love with this product. Formula, finish, duration time, I couldn’t as more. Pink lips are something I roll all the time so it’s no wonder this one stole my heart. You can read more about this product here.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!