In Summer We Love Neon

This post was totally unplanned, but last week I was taking some photos of this gorgeous yellow neon shade I'm completely in love with and I was so happy with how photos turned out that I needed to share them with you, not only on social media but also on my blog. Last year, I think, I received a GT Cosmetics No 6 polish in a swap with Natalie, who creates Natalie's Beauty Land. Before this, I had similar yellow shade from Depend but I used it up and I couldn't find it in the store anymore. I was also searching it by other brands, but I couldn't find anything similar back then, so I was really happy that Natalie sent me this shade. 

I started with two coats of Essence Wild White Ways. As you all probably know, a white base makes neon polishes pop out and they look more intense as they do on their own. Then I applied two coats of GT Cosmetics No 6. In the end, I sealed everything with a glossy top coat. This polish has quite a nice, opaque formula, so it would probably look good in two or three coats on its own as well, but I prefer this kind of shade over white because it looks much better. The only downside is that there are many coats that don't dry that fast, plus they chip faster. 

Today I found a similar neon yellow shade in Slovenian store Jager. It's from a brand, called Cosmetica Fanatica in a shade 700. I also got one for a giveaway, so definitely follow me on my Facebook page to get a chance to win this polish. :)

What do you think about this polish? Do you like yellow neon polishes? Thank you for reading!