Review and Swatches: Essence The Beach House TE

Essence is calling a summer with their new trend edition collection Essence The Beach House. Although the weather currently isn't summerish at all (it's raining outside while I'm writing this), I'm fine with that because hot days and big baby bump don't go well together. :P I haven't visited any drugstore for a while now, so I'm not sure if this collection is already available by us (if you have spotted it, let me and my readers know in the comment below), but it will be available in Müller, DM, and Click2Chic since the middle of June. 

Duo blush 01 Give Me Vitamin Sea!
Let's start with my favourite product. In the classic round plastic packaging, you get 9 g of a coral beauty. And now you know why I'm in love with this product. I'm just obsessed with coral blushes. The texture of the blush is very silky and buttery, while the pigmentation is amazing and can be quickly overapplied if you have a heavy hand like I. The blush has a zig-zag design which isn't my favourite (Essence made much prettier designs million times before), but it's made to separate both shades of the blush - one is peachy and second coral. Both together give a lighter coral shade that gives a fresh and summery look to the cheeks. On my cheeks, it lasted for a whole day without fading away, so I'm impressed. The finish is matte, so this blush is perfect to be combined with a golden and white shimmery highlighter to give a special summerish glow to the cheeks. Price: 3,59 €.

Duo eyeshadow 01 Build Me a Sandcastle!
This eyeshadow packaging is like a little brother of a blush - it has the same transparent plastic packaging with zig-zag design in it. Ivory-grey combination doesn't really remind me of the summer. Actually, both duo eyeshadows remind me more of the spring than summer. While the texture of eyeshadows is silky and soft and the pigmentation isn's that bad, I'm not a fan of this product. For me, these two eyeshadows look just too light on eyes and I'd use both for blending other shades out or as a base on the lid to seal the primer and prevent creasing. As you can see on the swatch, the grey in the crease is barely visible. I don't know about you, but to me, summerish eyeshadows are vibrant, colourful, neon ... Price: 2,19 € (2g)

Lipstick 02 A Summer Kinda Girl
This is a duo lip product with a berry shade inside and a coral shade around it. It's more of a light, okay pigmented lip balm as lipstick. It feels very comfortable on lips, it gives them a nice pinkish colour and it also feels a bit moisturizing. This is definitely a product for teenage girls that still don't wear strong lipsticks. Price: 2,99 €

Kabuki brush 01 Don't Make A Wave
The first thing I'm going to say about it is - this kabuki brush is huge. I have few kabuki brushes, but they are all smaller than this one. I used it to apply powder on my face and it made a very good job because of its soft bristles. It was supposed to be used for duo blush, but this brush is just too big to apply product nicely on my cheeks. Although I do like this brush, I kind of doubt I'm going to use it a lot, because it's so big it's not really a multipurpose brush. Price: 4,99 €.

And one look where I'm using all products I reviewed today.

Essence The Beach House collection is made for all those, who like a fresh and natural look. I don't think this is a very summerish collection, because to me summer screams colour, colour, colour. ;) My favourite product from this collection is blush because I adore coral blushes. If I wouldn't get this for testing, I'd probably skip the whole collection. 

What do you think about Essence The Beach House TE collection? Do you like it or will you skip it? Thank you for reading!
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