Artistry Dusty Rose Lipliner Review + Giveaway

I noticed that I don’t review lip liners very often, although I do tend to buy them more often as it may seem. Today I want to talk about Artistry lipliner in shade Dusty Rose. I suggest you to read my review very well because in the end you’ll have a chance to win Artistry lipliner in shade Pink Nude.

Artistry has a very elegant and chic packaging. Their products usually come with a packaging (here with a lipliner holder) and fillers. I find this as a great concept for more expensive brands, because that way you don’t need to repurchase a whole product, you can buy only a filler, which costs much less than a whole product. The lipliner holder is black with golden writing, and it’s very sturdy and fancy. On one side it has a lipliner and on a second lip brush. Although I usually don’t use brushes with lipliners, the brush comes very handily when using a lipstick. This lip brush has a very good quality - its dense bristles enable easy application of a product. It’s also easy to outline lips with it, without going over the edges of the lips.

Artistry lipliner comes in three shades: Pink Nude, Dusty Rose and Spiced Wine. I received first two shades and decided to keep Dusty Rose for myself while giving Pink Nude to one of my readers. The formula of this lipliner is very nice, creamy and soft - it actually reminds me a lot of formula of Essence Longlasting lipliners, just that is a tiny bit less soft. It has a twist up system, which is very handy because you don’t need to sharpen the liner.

It applies really easily because it won’t cause you any problem when you’re going to outline your lips. It’s also easy to fill up the lips with it while you can use it only to outline your lips and fill them with matching lipstick, or as a base for lipstick or a gloss. Right after application it gives a sticky feeling to the lips, but once it sets the sticky feeling disappears. The pigmentation of a lip liner is very good, since it covers the lips with one swipe, and it looks matte on lips. That also means that it emphasises dry parts on lips big time, which is, unfortunately, a problem I seem to hardly get rid of now in winter. I didn’t really pay attention how many hours did it last on my lips, but I did notice that if I drank or ate it faded away faster (because it transfers on a glass and service).

About the shade – as the name suggest, this is a dusty rosy shade that can be actually combined with any look you want. If you’re going to combine it with natural eyes, it will pop out your lips because of its amazing pigmentation, but if you will use it with smoky or colourful eyes, it will look subtle enough that the whole look won’t achieve a mark “too much”.

Since I’m a big fan of Essence Longlasting lipliners, there wasn’t even a doubt I’ll like this one when I discovered it’s very similar to those. Of course, the price is much much higher, but the shade itself is luckily not a dupe for any of the lipliners I own, which makes me like it even more. The price for the holder is 11,09 € and the filler (lipliner) is 13,14 € (as I said, pretty pretty high, unfortunately not everyone can afford it - Essence anyone?).

Have you tried Artistry lipliners before? How do you like this shade? If you like this post, you're welcome to share it with your followers on social media. Thank you for reading!


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