Top 10 Affordable Brushes

Yesterday when I was staring at a whole pile of brushes that needed to be washed, I got the idea that I could talk about brushes today. Most of the brushes I own are available by us, either in drugstores or online. At the beginning I thought I could talk about my top 5 drugstore brushes, but then the number started increasing with new and new brushes I needed to mention, so in the end I decided to pick up 10 brushes that make my makeup routine easier. So today I want to show you my top 10 affordable (mostly drugstore) brushes without which my makeup wouldn’t look as it does.

EcoTools blush brush
EcoTools blush brush is definitely in my top five favourite brushes. I own quite few blush brushes, but I love none like this one. It’s dense, but so soft and it blends out perfectly every single blush. Its form is interesting – bristles on the side are shorter than in the middle, but maybe that’s her secret of a perfect brush that makes me love it so much. I have it for quite some time now, maybe even for two year, but it still looks like new. It didn’t lose the shape although it was washes countless times, and since the first washing it didn’t lose any bristle. It’s definitely the best blush brush and I would recommend it to anyone. In the past EcoTools was available at drugstore Tuš, but by us in Beltinci I haven’t notice this brand for a while now. It’s also available in Špar, while online you can get it on Lič (Slovenia) or on iHerb (international). I paid around 8 € for it.

Body&soul blush brush
Body&Soul is a Müller’s brand with few elementary brushes for a low price. I think that for someone who’s just starting with makeup and has limited budget, these are a good option. The reason I love their blush brush is not in its primary purpose, that is applying a blush, but because this is the best brush for contouring I had. It’s small, so it covers the hollows of my cheeks perfectly, it’s dense, soft and it blends the bronzer perfectly and nicely without harsh lines to be visible. The price is around 3 €, so it’s really affordable. I actually have two of these brushes, because I also find it great for applying highlighter on the top of the cheeks.

Body&soul concealer brush
Usually cheaper flat concealer brushes can be itchy, but not Body&Soul’s brush. It’s soft and the application of concealer is a piece of cake with it. Maybe the only thing it doesn’t do well is blending the concealer into the skin, because it takes a bit longer to blend it nicely, but for that purpose I usually use Zoeva’s concealer brush. I mostly use this one to apply concealer under my eyebrows after I finish filling them in to achieve cleaner look. I don’t remember the exact price of this brush, but it’s very inexpensive. When these are getting older they start to loose on a shape, which is not surprisingly, judging by low price. 

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish
I raved about this brush a lot before. I normally wouldn’t put Zoeva brushes among drugstore brushes, because they have a bit higher price as others I'm mentioning, but since they are available online by us and their quality is amazing, I had to mention them again. Silk Finish brush is the best brush for applying foundation, because it blends the foundation perfectly into the skin without brush strokes being noticeable. Its price is around 16 € and you can get Zoeva on Mojadrogerija.

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer
I’m using Zoeva concealer brush under my eyes for applying and blending concealer, and sometimes to apply concealer on my blemishes if I have any. Its dense round shape enables very nice and easy blending. I definitely need more of these. I also wanted to mention that sometimes denser brushes are harder to wash, because after few usages they soak in a lot of product, but that’s not the problem with Zoeva, because excess product goes easy out of both brushes. The concealer brush costs around 12 € on Moja drogerija.

Real Technique Setting Brush
Despite being so popular I think Real Technique brushes don’t reach the quality of Zoeva brushes. But they do have nice brushes and setting brush is my favourite. I love it because of its small size, which enables me to apply the powder on my whole under eye area to set my concealer. With bigger brushes that’s not possible. It really picks up the powder nicely and applies it evenly. Beside that is also appropriate for applying highlighter on the top of the cheeks, but I mainly use it to apply powder under my eyes. It’s available on Lič, Mojadrogerija and Destination Pretty for around 11 €.

EcoTools eyeliner brush
I think this was one of my first EcoTools brushes. I have it for years now and it’s still great as at the beginning. It’s angled brush with nice bristles that are soft, but dense enough to apply eyeshadow perfectly. I mostly use it for filling my eyebrows, because it’s the only angled brush that enables me to do my eyebrows as I want. I got it in Spar, but I don’t remember the exact price anymore. It was around 4 € or even less.

Ebelin blending brush
I get compliments for my eye makeup looks so many times, especially for my blending skills (your words, not mine). Do I use expensive brushes to achieve that? Not at all. My main helper is Ebelin blending brush that costs around 2 €. Although this brush isn’t available in Slovenia (but you can get it in DM in Austria), I had to include it, because there is no possibility I’d do my makeup without this brush. It’s soft, fluffy and it blends eyeshadow like it’s nobody’s business. I often wonder why DM doesn’t bring a whole Ebelin collection in Slovenia, not just selected pieces. We need this brush here.

UBU blending brush
This is another brush that’s in my collection for ages. It’s actually quite a big brush for eyeshadow application on lids, but I got so use to it that I use it for different purposes. Its bristles are quite soft, and in the middle longer as on both sides. I use it to apply neutral eyeshadow all over my lid to set the eyeshadow base, to apply eyeshadow in crease, to blend two different eyeshadows together, sometimes to apply highlighting shade under my eyebrows ... It’s really multipurpose brush and I got it in Tuš drugstore for around 3 €, I think.

Elite eyeshadow brush
This is my favourite brush for applying eyeshadow on lids. It’s smaller flat brush with longer dense bristles that enable easy and precise application. It can reach the inner part of the lid nicely as well and the application under the eyes isn’t a problem with it. I got it in DM for around 4 or 5 €. 

Excuse my green looking Ebelin brush, but ever since I did Poison Ivy look I can't wash the green out of it. But with every wash it looks better, less green, so few more washes and I hope it'll look like new. :)

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