Blogmas 2014: Day 7 of Christmas Challenge - Favourite Thing About Christmas

This post will be a bit different, because I won't just share with you makeup or nail art, inspired by the thing I love the most about Christmas, but I'm going to share with you all the things that make December and Christmas festive and special for me. :)

Christmas trips
These are probably my favourite. I live in a small village, where we do have Christmas lights and few events, but no fairs and everything else, so going to the big city, where they have fairs in the center of the city, they sell mulled wine etc. is a special event for me. Beside that my boy and I go every year to a different city and this also gives us a chance to go somewhere where we haven't been yet. Last year we went to Salzburg, but this year we decided to go closer, to Graz. I also love Christmassy Ljubljana, but unfortunately this year I didn't get a chance to go there.

Christmas lights
My mother and I have a tradition that every year we go on a walk around our village to see how people have decorated their houses. I personally love Christmas lights, but again if there isn't to much of everyhing. I'd say, simple is the best. Today we also went to Banovci, where they makea Christmas village every year. A whole village cooperates and they place Christmas cribs on their backyard. You can go around a whole village to see them and also evaluate them.

Christmas tree
Another tradition of mine is putting up a Christmas tree. I usually do it alone and on Christmas eve, but this year I put it sooner (today), because on a day before Christmas I'm working in the morning and then later I have to do some baking for a Christmas day.

Mulled wine
I'm not a big fan of wine in general, but I adore mulled wine. It's definitely one of the best fighters against cold. :)

Spending time with family
On Christmas days a lot of years ago my dad was born. So yeah, on Christmas we don't celebrate just this holiday, we also celebrate his birthday. It's very fun, because all family is gathered, we eat and spend the time together.

Christmas creating - nails
And the last but not least is Christmas nail art. Yay. I usually can't wait for December to start, so I can start wearing and creating Christmas manicures and I usually wear them during whole December. If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw most of manicures I created this year. But specially for this post I created one neutral silver-nude Christmassy manicure that I adore.

What's your favourite thing about Christmas? Thank you for reading!

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  1. I hope you'll show us what you baked, at least on ig :D <3 Lovely post and the nails are stunning as always <3

    1. I made tiramisu in the end. Thank you. :)

  2. Super post -prav zabavno se mi zdi, da sem se tudi jaz za 7 dan challenga odločila za nekaj drugega kot kozmetiko :) (moj bo objavljen jutri :) )

  3. Super objava :) So tudi meni všeč vse zgoraj naštete stvari :)

  4. Lušten post, meni so tudi všeč naštete stvari :) x

  5. Se kar strinjam s teboj, sploh lučke so meni zakon. Se večkrat kar tako malo vozim naokoli, da vidim kako imajo ljudje okrašeno :D
    Pa wow za manikuro, prečudovita je!

    1. Meni so lučke zelo zanimive. :) Hvala. <3

  6. joj ja nisam ljubitelj kuhanog vina, a favoriti su mi sva svjetla i druzenje naravno, nema ugodjaja bez prijatelja :)

    1. Mene pa kuhano vino prav lepo pogreje. :)


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