Announcing Blogmas and a Christmas Challenge 2014

Today’s post is more of a rambling post than anything else. I have few announcements to make what will be happening on my blog in December. I’m planning few special posts for which I hope you’re going to love, I’m definitely very excited about them. :)

1. Blogmas
First things first, I'm doing Blogmas in December. That means I'll blog every day during next month. I'm so excited about this, because I miss regular blogging and I have so many things to share with you. Of course December will be very festive on my blog, but I'll try to share with you as many interesting posts as I can, including reviews, empty posts, blush collection etc.

2. Christmas challenge 2014
I wanted to join a Christmas challenge this year so badly, but I didn't find any that I'd really like, so I created my own. It has a simple name Christmas Challenge 2014 and anyone can join. :)
I wanted to create a challenge that would allow me to express my creativity not only in nail art, but also in makeup. I think most of the themes of my challenge allow me and you to express ourselves on both areas. By the themes like Under the tree you can also do a wish list. It's up to you. You can do anything you want, a makeup or a nail art or even something else if you have any good idea (like photo challenge). If you're going to do your nails, you can also use stickers, do stamping etc. There are no limits. :)

If you're going to join the challenge or you have any questions about it, tell me in the comment below. I don't have any special rules for the challenge, except that we start on December 1. After that you can post themes when you’ll have time. I think I’ll post them every three days. You're also welcome to share this challenge on your social media. I decided to reward one of the girls who will join and finish the challenge, and send her a little surprise package. Just to say thank you for a support. She will be, of course, chosen randomly. 

EDIT: I'd almost forgot to add this. You don't need to have a blog to do this challenge, you can also share your entries on any social media you want (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), just don't forget to use hastag #christmaschallenge2014, so I can find you. :)

3. OUAT series part 2
I re-watched first three seasons of Once Upon a Time some time ago and got the idea I could continue OUAT series I was doing last year. Since the season three there were many new characters that could be an inspiration for makeup looks or nail art manicures. The idea was growing in my mind and I wasn't sure about it, until Polona from Uniqua Poly asked me to do a tutorial for Snow Queen. I took this as a sign that I have to continue the OUAT series, so in December I'm starting with it again. I'll probably do only one or two posts from the series in December (because of the challenge and all other ideas) and then continue with it once a week in January. I'll maybe also recreate some of the looks I already did; it depends from the inspiration I'll have. There will probably also be few makeup tutorials included. I'm definitely very excited to continue with this series on my blog. 

That's it for today. For tomorrow I have a tutorial prepared for you and then, I hope, I'll post another review. Thank you for reading!