Review and Swatches: Avon Lipsticks

Today I actually wanted to write about products I used up, but since a bunch of bloggers I follow (Slovenian&international) already wrote empties post this week, I decided for a different theme - lipsticks. 
Reason I love Avon lipsticks has pretty much to do also with a fact that you can order a sample. That way you can see if you gonna like a certain shade or formula before you buy a full size product. Beside that sample lipsticks are so easy to apply because of their form. That's probably the reason I didn't had problems with application by any of them. I ordered 7 testers and one full size lipstick. Testers were around 0,30 €. Lipsticks are from collections Ultra Colour Matte, Ultra Colour and Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction and I'll talk about each collection separately. As you know Avon often changes its offer and few shades I can't find anymore in new catalogue which I hate because I really like those shades, but I decided to post about them anyway.

Avon matte lipsticks are probably the best matte lipsticks I've tried. Amazingly pigmented, creamy, long lasting and what's the most important, they don't feel dry on my lips at all. Even if I don't use lipbalm underneath, my lips are not dry. I actually have a feeling that they moisten them a bit, but maybe it's just my imagination (or this summer weather, when my lips are less dry than in colder months). I got three shades: Matte Fuchsia, Matte Peach and Matte Merlot. Matte Fuchsia is my favourite and I'm thinking about purchasing a full size. It also lasts amazingly long on my lips - it wears off after around four hours and then it leaves nicely even stain that fades away after two, two and a half hours. It even survived eating and drinking! On the other hand Matte Peach fades away quicker, it last no longer than four hours together with a stain. Matte Merlot also lasted longer, so I think that their bolder/darker shades last longer on lips than neutral ones.

From this collection I only have one lipstick - Tangerine, which is a coral shade that looks shiny on lips. As the name of collection says it's very moisturizing, but unfortunately not very long lasting. On my lips it completely faded away after two hours and it doesn't survive a meal. But despite that I really love it, because the shade it's just amazing.

From this collection I have four shades, three are samples (Lava Love, Ripe Papaya and Hot Pink) and one is a full size (Tangerine Tango). These ones also look shiny on lips, but longativity is average. Bolder shades (Hot Pink, Lava Love, Tangerine Tango) last around four hours on my lips, but Ripa Papaya only about 2 hours. These also feel moisturizing on lips and fade away evenly. Ultra Color lipsticks contain 3,5 g of products and cost 8,50 €, but they are often on sale and cost less (at the moment they cost 6,70 €).

Tangerine - this is a coral shade that looks shiny on lips. It's more sheer lipsticks, but nicely buildable and I think it would look good on anyone.
Ripe Papaya - this is a peacy shade, that looks shiny on lips. It's less pigmented than other thre shades from Ultra Colour collection, but buildable and it's my second favourite peachy lip shade in my collection (first place still belongs to Catrice Go Flamingo Go). I just wish it would last longer on lips.
Hot Pink - a pink shade that I expected to be more neon-ish because of the word "hot" in the name, but it's still a pretty shade.
Lava Love - this is a classical red shade.
Matte Fuchsia - although the name says fuchsia, this is a true pink shade and it's my favourite of the bunch. 
Matte Peach - this is a nude peachy shade, probably my least favourite of them all, but perfect for those who prefer nude shades.
Matte Merlot - is a dark red shade, that will be more appropriate for fall and winter. In summer I rarely wear that kind of shades.
Tangerine Tango - a true orange shade. I got it because orange is the color of the lips this summer, although I think this one has a slight red undertone on me.

Avon Tangerine

Avon Ripe Papaya

Avon Hot Pink

 Avon Lava Love

Avon Matte Fuchsia

Avon Matte Peach

Avon Matte Merlot

Avon Tangerine Tango

Have you tried Avon lipsticks? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Pri avonu še nikoli nisem naročala, ampak te odtenki, ki si jih testirala so res lepi. Vendar če bi kupila kakšno šminko od teh, ki si jih predstavila, bi verjetno ravno to Matte Peach, ker dejansko nimam še nobene bolj nude šminke.

    Anja's Beauty World

    1. Jaz včasih naročim kaj pri Avonu, sploh njihovo olje za lase mi je zakon. Matte Peach je pa res tak lušten nude odtenek.

  2. Tudi meni so super ti testerji pri avonu in na sploh imajo super formule šmink. Ne vse, večino pa:) Ko bi vsaj druge znamke imele testerje, ali vsaj možnost naročiti testerje:)

    1. Se strinjam, meni je zakon, da imajo testerje, tako vsaj ne brcneš mimo pri nakupu.

  3. Holy cow, so lepi odtenki! Prav vse bi imela, so mi pa Tangerine, Ripe Papaya in Merlot najbolj všeč :)

  4. Lepi odtenki, najbolj mi je všeč Merlot, se mi pa zdi, da ti čisto vse barve pristojijo, res imaš očitno tako super polt, al kako. :D Avonovih šmink pa še nisem preizkusila, nimam dostopa do Avona, pa iz kataloga se mi zmeraj zdi malce tvegano naročat, ker ne vem, kako točni so odtenki.

    1. Hvala. :) Ne vem, očitno. Nekako se mi zdi, da mi peach barve redkeje pristojijo, ostalo pa kar ok.
      Meni so ravno zato všeč testerji. Ker je kataložna prodaja in ker odtenki v katalogu itak niso realni, v tem primeru tester prav pride, da vidiš, kako ti kaj ustreza.

  5. omg are the testers really THAT tiny compared to the lipstick? lol I was surprised....I'm not into Avon lipsticks at the moment,,but I love the Matte ones and how they look on you.

    1. Yes, really tiny. I was surprised as well when I got them.
      Thank you.

  6. These looks nice but I really like Lava Love! It looks stunning on you :-D

  7. Hot pink in matte fuchsia sta prečudoviti :)) imam eno sminko iz te kolekcije, narocila sem jo na blef, samo da sm dobkla neko darilo in kar eno barvo izbrala. Na koncu je to postala moja naj sminka. Barvo sm si zadela u nulo ;))

    1. Potem je to super, ker pri kataložni prodaji dejansko nikoli točno ne veš, kaj boš dobil. :)

  8. You know, all of these lipsticks look really good on you! :)

  9. super su mi testercici i sve nijanse su savrsene uopce se ne mogu odlucit koja mi je najbolja :D


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