Nail Polish Shades Every Girl Should Have for Summer

This title sounds like it would be from magazine, right? Don't worry, this post isn't inspired by any magazine or trends, because I mostly don't follow them, but I wanted to share few nail polish shades that are perfect for summer by my opinion and I think every girl should have them in her collection, but then again it's true, we're not the same and we have different taste, so you're allowed to disagree with me. :)

My favourite, hehe. I know some people think neons don't look good on them, but I think every girl should have at least one neon polish. The shade it depends from the colors you like. My personal favourite are yellow, orange and green neons polishes. 
You can get neons with more jelly formula, like GT Cosmetics No 2, or neons with more pastel formula, like Models Own Polish for Tans collection. Some of the neon polishes also glow in the dark, like CH Nail Lacquer 9 and 15.

If you're afraid to wear creamy white polish, I suggest shimmery white polish, although I prefer creamy one. My favourite white polish is Essie Blanc. I tried many white polishes, but none was as good as Essie. Opaque in two coats looks amazing alone (specially on tanned skin) and can be also used for different nail art manicures (as a base and also for drawing).

I think blue color scream summer: sea, clear sky ... I know darker colors are usually more appropriate/connected with fall and winter, but I think shades of blue, like navy or royal blue are perfect for summer day. Few blue polishes from my collection I love in the summer: Bourjois In the Navy, Misslyn Royal Blue, Essence Electric Blue, Essence Grumpy, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue ...

Now you're probably going to say, she's talking about nudes? She always wears bright colors. Plus, nudes aren't really summery shades. Well, I disagree, nudes are great for any season. There are some nudes, like Essie Fiji, that look amazing with tanned skin. I also find OPI Don't Pretzel My Button and Essence Totally Retro Nude great for summer. Beside that nudes are perfect to use them as a base for summer nail art.

Polishes, that don't look at their best in the shade, but look amazing in the sun. And that's why these are perfect for the summer. Polish with the best holo effect in my collection is Nfu Oh 65. Depend also has nice holographic collection with big color selection. Another one of my favourites is Gosh Hero.

Coral is another shade, that I really adore and wear often in the summer, not only on nails, but I also have clothes and shoes in this shade. Essence Off to Miami is constantly on my nails, it's my favourite coral polish.

I didn't mention colors like red, because I think red is a classical color and you can and should wear it all year along. :) Now if you want to know which are my top 5 polishes for the summer, come back on my blog on Monday to find out. I'm doing a collaboration with one of my favourite bloggers Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life. :)

What do you think about my selection? Which colors are by your opinion must have for summer? Thank you for reading!