Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

Ladies, today we're going to talk about Makeup Revolution lipsticks. Lič have send me two lipstick, each from one collection: Bliss from their Amazing lipstick collection and Love a Hug from Amazing Care lipstick collection.

Let's talk about a packaging first. Bot have a black plastic packaging. Does the packaging of Amazing collection reminds you on one other brand? Yes, is a complete copy of MUA packaging. When I opened package I actually thought that I got MUA lipstick, but then I saw inscription Makeup Revolution on the packaging. On the top is a pot with extra lipstick as we can see on Sanja's blog, but I unfortunately can't open mine by any cost. What I wanted to say about packaging is that is actually crappy by both lipsticks. By Bliss lipstick I have a feeling that the lid will fall off any time. I actually wouldn't dear to wear it with me in my purse because I'd be afraid that it'll fall off and the lipstick will end all over my purse. Amazing Care collection comes in a golden cardboard packaging and lipsticks have a transparent plastic part on the top of the lid, which would be a good thing (because you can easily see the color), if it wouldn't fall down the third day I had it with me in my purse. I know this is a cheap brand, but packaging is a big minus for me. MUA lipstick costs the same as Makeup Revolution lipsticks, but the packaging is much more sturdy.

On the left is swatched Love a Hug lipstick and on the right Bliss. Love a Hug is a pinky shade and Bliss a peachy one. 
Amazing Care lipsticks have two part structure - in the middle there's a colorful part, that gives color to lips and it is surrounded with Argain Oil, which moisturizes the lips. From swatches I saw before I got this lipstick I expected great pigmentation, but it's pretty sheer. Love a Hug is actually "like my lips but better" shade. Because of that this is more like a tinted lip balm for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that much that it doesn't have amazing pigmentation as I expected. It gives enough color to lips (it's buildable) that you can combine it with any look you like and it's a perfect every day shade for those who don't like intense and vivid colors on their lips. It applys really nicely, it's very moisturizing and it feels great on lips. The color doesn't last very long on lips, around hour and a half, and moisturizing feeling is gone after that time as well, but my lips don't get dry (it's like that neutral state when lips are not dry nor very moisturized). 
I was searching a perfect peachy lipstick for a very long time and when I received Bliss I was very excited, because shade looked amazing in the packaging. Well, unfortunately I was left disappointed when I tried this lipstick on my lips. Bliss is a very creamy lipstick with great pigmentation. Unfortunately it doesn't apply very evenly. It emphasize every dry part and other imperfections on the lips. I think that this lipstick is good only for those who have lips in perfect condition. I was also disappointed with its staying power. Other bloggers said that shades from Amazing range lasted around five hours on them, but Bliss was completely gone after three hours and I didn't even eat in that time, only drink few glasses of water. It probably depends from shade to shade. I think this lipstick wouldn't survive a meal. It doesn't feel dry on lips, but it's also not moisturizing. 

Left: Love a Hug. Right: Bliss.

Swatches on my lips. As you can see Bliss emphasize every imperfection on my lips and I don't even have that dry lips at the moment. I guess this formula just doesn't suit my lips. On the other hand I love how Love a Hug looks on me. Lips look very shiny but not too glossy and lipstick it's not sticky at all.

I also took photos of full makeup look to show you how lipsticks look on me. Eye look is made with Makeup Revolution Acid Brights palette, which I reviewed here. Although Bliss looks really lovely in the package I don't like how it looks on me. On photo maybe isn't visible, but this shade doesn't suit my skin tone well, at least not by my opinion.

And here I'm wearing Love a Hug. I really like this shade and I think it's perfect for everyday wear. I specially like that this kind of lipstick can be applied without a mirrow, because it's sheer and I don't have to be so precise as with more intense and vivid colors.

I'll need to start writing down my thoughts about certain products because I have a feeling that I wanted to write something else about these lipsticks but I forgot. But anyway, let me conclude this post with my final opinion. 
Bliss has 3,8 g and it costs £1 on Makeup Revolution site and 1,95 € on Lič I don't like this lipstick. The packaging is crappy and I don't like its formula. The thing that this lipstick emphasize every imperfection on my lips really bothers me. I'd say that I don't recommend this shade, but maybe it'll work for some of you, specially for those who don't have problems with dry and patchy lips. I also wanted to point out, that I'm reviewing this certain shade and I'm not saying that all lipstick from Amazing range are like this one. Maybe any other shade would suit me better, I don't know. I guess I'll have to try. :)
On the other hand I really love Love a Hug shade. It contains 3 g and it costs  £3 on Makeup Revolution site and 4,95 € on Lič Lipstick is sheer, moisturizing and it's perfect for everyday wear. I also think that it would suit anyone. But although I like it I think it's a bit pricey for few reasons - it doesn't last long, the packaging is not very good and the lipstick is more a tinted lip balm than a real lipstick. I admit I expected better pigmentation. But that's just me. I know few bloggers that think that this lipstick is worth the money. I suppose it depends from what you expect from it. But no mather the price I think its formula would suit every lips, even the mosty dry ones.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution lipstick? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!
*These products were sent to me for review.