Review and Swatches: Catrice Lipsticks Princess Peach, It's a Matt World and Matt-erial Girl

While you can already find swatches of new Catrice lip products on many foreign blogs, I'm reviewing some old lipsticks today, one of them is also discontinued. I saw that our Müller still had it at the beginning of this week and maybe you can still find it somewhere else (Tuš drugstore also has Catrice cosmetics). I'm going to review 050 Princess Peach, 260 It's a Matt World and 270 Matt-erial Girl.

They are all from the Ultimate Color range, but they have different quality. It'a a Matt World and Matt-erial Girl are both matte shades (although they're not true matte shades, because they have shine a bit on lips), have very nice creamy formula and are easy to apply. Both lasted on me around 4 hours, although they do transfer on things ( like on a glass if you drink) and in that case they fade away faster. Princess Peach has a glossy finish and it lasted around 2 hours on me. None of these drys my lips. Both matte shades are nicely pigmented, a glossy a bit less, but it's buildable.

First one is 050 Princess Peach. I had this lipsticks on WL for ever but I kinda never bought it, so on Catric&Essence event I took the chance and got it. It's a peachy shade with a glossy finish. It applys nicely, but it has very strange formula. As you can see on the swatch it goes in gaps on lips and it emphasizes all dry parts. I can't believe that that's possible with a glossy lipstick. None of matte shades did that. That disappointed me a bit. But no mather that I'll wear it in the summer, because I think it'll look great on me, when I'll be more tanned. Unless if I find a peachy shade with a better formula somewhere.

260 It's a Matt World is a red matte shade. On swatch you can see, that it's a true red and also on my lips on a swatch looks red, but in person I see that this lipsticks has an orange undertone to me. But it's a really gorgeous shade and I recommend you to get it if it's still available in your Müller or Tuš drugstore (or anywhere else for foreign girls).

270 Matt-erial Girl is a lovely dark fuchsia matte shade. It's a perfect shade for winter, you could also see it in my top 10 lip products for winter yesterday. Love the formula, love the shade.

Catrice lipsticks contain 3,8g of products and they cost 4,19 €. They have great matte lipsticks for this price. The formula of Princess Peach disappointed me a bit, although I do like the shade (gosh, I'd like to had matte lipstick in that color, recommendations?). Matt-erial girl is my favourite of all three.

What do you think about Catrice lipsticks? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!