Sand Week: OPI Stay the Night

Hi, everyone! Today I'm showing you the last nail polish swatch in Sand Week and this one is by OPI Stay the Night. It was a part of Mariah Carey collection, that was released at the beginning of this year. I actually liked 3 polishes from this collection, but because they cost 12-13 € by us, which is a lot, I decided to get only one. I had a code for 40 % discount in online store Click2Chic ad I decided to get one polish along with my other purchase (I was buying Prolab shampoo, beause I have big problems with a hair loss). For 15 ml I payed around 7 €, which is a pretty good deal (OPI polishes cost 11,90 € on Click2Chic).

OPI Stay the Night is a black shade with red glitter. This one looked very interesting to me because of the red glitter. I'm not a huge fan of this polish, I would actually get blue one, if I wouldn't have 4 blue sand polishes already, but I still think it's pretty. From all sand polishes I tried it has the most liquidy formula, but it's easy to work with it and the brush is also nice, so this polish is really easy to apply. Drying time is good, although I think Golden Rose polish drys faster. In person is more matte, but my bulb in lighbox makes it look a bit more shiny than it really is. If you have longer nails, you'll might need 3 thin coats, but on my short nails 2 coats were enough. But I don't have a luck with longativity. As many other polishes this one chipped on my nails on a second day of wear.

This time I remembered to take a photo of this polish with a top coat. The glossy version is not bad, but I prefer it rough. I used 2 coats of top coat, but unfortunatelly the second was a bit too thick and it caused bubbles. 

I also compared 3 black polishes with sand finish, all 3 I showed you this week. None of them is actually a dupe. P2 Classy is the most black of them all and it has more holographic glitter in it than Essence Here's my Number. Essence has less black in it, some call it grey, but to me this is still black. OPI Stay the Night is the most different, because it has red glitter in it. P2 is the most rough from them all, Essence and OPI are less rough, but if I compare only Essence and OPI, they're the same on touch. I can't decide, which one is my favourite, because they are all pretty. Maybe P2, then OPI and then Essence.

Did you try any OPI sand polish? What do you think about this one? Thank you for reading!