Monthly Favourites - October 2013

Hi, everyone! A bit later this month, but here I am with my monthly favourites of October. Last month I tried a lot of new products, so I mostly have beauty products in my favourites. Some products from September favourites I used a lot last month too, like Sleek Vintage Romance palette, Maybelline 501 blush, Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate lip balm ...

First favourite of last month is Catrice All Matt Plus foundation in shade Nude Beige. I really like it, because it gives good coverage, it applys nicely, it gaves my skin matt look and it also last longer than other foundations I used (longer than Bourjois HM). The only problem I have with this foundation, is the color. When Lux and I were debating on Essence&Catrice event, which shade should I take, this one looked like a match to me, but the problem is, I was more tanned back then, but  now I'm becoming more pale (which is obviously, because the weather is becoming worse and I'm not so much in the sun anymore), so I'll need to buy something very bright to mix it with. Next 2 product I reviewed together in one post here. I love Essence Be Loud Ap-ri(c)ot blush, because it gaves me nice natural look and Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger Highlighter Powder is just perfect highlighter, it gaves nice shine to my cheaks. Both are LE, so are probably not available anymore, but you can read more about them in my review.

Till now none of the eyebrow products I tried was a perfect match for me, they were mostly too brown or too bright for me I have very dark natural eyebrows), but now I found a perfect match for my eyebrows, at least by my opinion. It's the lightest shade in Catrice eyebrow set. It's not the best pigmented, if you swatch it with fingers, but when you apply it with brush, it's buildable and it looks great. Next product is Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base. As much as I saw on other blogs, people love this product or hate it. Well, for me it works perfectly. It prevents eyeshadows from creasing, they're easy to blend over it and last longer. Lip product I loved last month, is Catrice Fatal lip tint. It's sticky and because of its great pigmentation you need to be a bit careful with application, but I love, how good this color looks on me and it lasts quite long. 

Last 3 products are nail related. First is topper Essence Steel-ing the Scene from Metal Glam collection, which I wore with almost every single manicure during October. Next is Essence The Boy Next Door. Ugh, Essence, you did it again. Don't you just hate, when they change the color and use the name, they already used with other shade? But the color is really pretty. I wore it few times during October and I also used it here for Halloween manicure as a base. I have prepared its swatches, so let me know, if you'd like to seen them. Last product is Essence BTGN High Gloss top coat. I was really sad, when Essence discontinued my favourite top coat, because I believed this one isn't as good, but boy I as wrong. It's the same - it drys quickly and it gaves manicure a nice shine. It's also better than the one with label "fast dry", because that one became thicker very quickly, when there was still more than a half of it in the bottle.

Wow, I actually didn't even notice before, that all producst are from Catrice and Essence. I guess I must love these 2 brands very much. Did you try any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!