My Mint Nail Polishes (comparison)

Hi, girls! For today I prepared a post about my mint nail polishes. I have quite a lot of them. Mint is one of my favourites colors. If I would include few bright green shades into this compariosn, there will be even more polishes. I also made a video, where you can see swatches of all polishes on my nails.

Beauty UK green from Urban Girls set

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet 

The group of last 5 polishes is totally unique, none of these have any dupes. They have different finish. Essence more matt one, Isadora metallic, Barry M sand. Catrice Mint Me Up shade has golden flakies in it, which none of other has. And Catrice Take It Mint is more greenish shade than all other. 

I made a comparison between other 12 shades on a nail wheel. I tried to apply them from the darkest shades to lightest, but that didn't succeed me very well. But I put together shades, that look the most similar in the bottle to me. 

Here I compared Essence Chasing Waves, OPI Mermaid Tears, Essence Replay and Beauty UK shade from Urban Girl set. For some of them I could also say, that they're not mint (OPI), but they looked very close in the bottles. But no dupes here. OPI is a more dusty shade than others, Essence CW is lighter and Beauty UK is the darkest in this group. 

In second group I compared Avon Aqua Fantasy, Essence I Like and Essence That's What i Mint. First 2 shades have both shimmer and TWIM it doesn't. But Aqua Fantasy and I Like are not dupes, because the second one is a bit darker. 

In last group I compared Essence That's What I Mint (again), L'Oreal Perle de Jade, Essence Did Someone Say Nude, Depend 245 and Catrice Am I Blue Or Green. The most different from all here is Did Someone Say Nude, it has the most green in it, I would say. TWIM and Perde de Jade are pretty close, but the second was is a tiny bit greener. Also Depend and Catrice are very similar, but Catrice has more blue in it than Depend. Again, no dupes.

Swatches of all 17 shades on nails you can watch in my video.

I have to say, that I'm surprised, that I haven't found any dupes, because I own 17 mint shades. That's a lot, I would say. Well, but some are pretty close and I think I don't need them all, right? I think I'll add few shades to my upcoming blog sale. If you're wondering, why bottles and swatches look different, it's because I photographed bottles outside and swatches in my lightbox and lightning outside makes them more blueish as they really are. 

Are you a fan of mint color too? What do you think about my collection? Thank you for reading!