Review: Essence Brushes

Hi, girls! Today I want to talk about Essence brushes. They have 5 brushes for face and I own them all. Well, except of their beauty blender, I haven't tried that one yet. They're pretty cheap, but the quality depends, some are very good for the price and some are crap.

Essence brushes have sintetic bristles and a black holder. Powder and blush brush have smaller holder than brushes for eyes. They're pretty soft and easy to clean, they don't lose bristles while washing.

Powder Brush
I think this is ok brush. It has very soft bristles and it does its job ok. I use it to apply mattifying powder and it applied it nicely, but lately I rather use Ebelin powder brush, which is bigger and easier to work with. Sometimes I also use it for highlighting cheaks, although I think it's a bit too big for that. For this price around 3,5 € this is a good brush.

Eyeliner brush
I have an eyeliner brush with blue bristles, now you can get the one with purple bristles (although I think, it's discountinued and in Fall they'll release eyeliner brush with pink bristles). I like this brush, I use it to fill my brows and it does it's job great. Here and there I also use it for applying gel liner, although I think, it makes a bit too thick line (or the problem it's with me, I just always make it too thick). Otherwise it applys gel liner very nicely. The one with purple bristles I was using to clean polish after application and it did nice job, just it was losing bristles very quickly and I had to buy new brush every 2 months, which I didn't like that much, but I guess it didn't get along with aceton. But if I conclude, I do like this brush, specially for filling my brows and I do recommend it. It costs 1,29 €, if I'm right.

Smoky Eyes brush
This is probably my favourite brush from Essence. I have 2 of them already. Although I noticed the difference between bristles, first one has very soft  and the second one has harder bristles. I don't know, why there's difference. I use this brush to apply eyeshadow in my crease and to blend it and it really makes its job great. I also read, that some girls use it for blending concealer, so it's a multitasker. The price is around 2 €, which is pretty cheap. I do recommend you to get this one.

Eyeshadow brush
I'm not very impressed with this brush. When I first cleaned it, it left color like crazy, the washbowl was all purple. That never happend to me with any Essence brush before. The bristles are a bit strange, they feel scratchy on lids. At the beginning it also left bristles while washing, but now that doesn't happen anymore. I use it mostly for cream eyeshadows, I think it works the best with them. Although it's cheap (1,5-2 €), I think you can easly skip this one, there are better eyeshadow brushes in our drugstore (Ecotools). 

Blush brush
I already talked about this brush in post about dissapointing products. It has less softer bristles than other brushes and after few washes it became strange. It lost it's form and bristles separated, they just left too much space in the middle of the brush (it's not dense at all). It also doesn't blend blush nicely, so I don't use it at all anymore. I think it costs around 3 €. Avoid this brush, it's not worth the money.

I do recommend smoky eyes and eyeliner brush, do not recommend blush and eyeshadow brush and about powder brush I think it's ok.

Have you tried Essence brushes? What do you think about them?