Swatches and Review: Essence Tribal Summer TE Lipsticks

Hi, girls! Today I have for you a second part of Essence Tribal Summer collection review and this time I'm showing you both lipsticks. Shades are called Na-Rock and Waka Waka.

Lipsticks came in a simple black packaging with a golden inscription. On the bottom they have written names. Na-Rock is a darker red shade and Waka Waka is a pinkish-berry shade. The pigmentation of these 2 lipsticks is great, they remind me on lipsticks from Home Sweet Home collection. The formula it's ok, not too creamy and they don't dry lips after application. At the beginning they look shiny on the lips, but after some time they dry matt. These lipsticks should be longlasting, but I can't confirm that. I wore Na Rock for 3 hours and in this time it faded on my lips, specially in inner part, where it left a little stain (it wasn't completely gone). Also after 1,5 hour of wear I got a drying feeling on my lips. I didn't re-apply it, because I wanted to see, how long it will last. During this time I didn't drink or eat anything.

Because their formula reminded me on lipsticks from Home Sweet Home collection, I did a comparison between them. The formula of all these lipsticks is the same, although by my experience those from HSH collection lasts longer on lips. When it comes to colors, Waka Waka has more pink color in it than Berry Me Home, which is a darker berry shade, and Na-Rock is a darker red shade than Red-y to Relax (and I would also say, that it's a colder red, but I'm not so good with these cold-warm relations, when it comes to lipsticks). 

From L-R: Essence Home Sweet Home Berry Me Home, Essence Tribal Summer Waka Waka, Essence Home Sweet Home Red-y to Relax, Essence Tribal Summer Na-Rock.

And here are swatches on my lips. Although I usually prefer wearing pink/berry shades on my lips, I prefer Na-Rock here. I was amazed, how good this red looks on me, when I put it on for the first time. I don know, if the reason is, that I have more pale skin, but now I'm really glad, that I got this lipstick.

 And here's a video review in Slovene.

One lipstick has 3,8 g and it costs 2,49 €. The duration dissapointed me, because I expected, they would last longer, but they're great pigmented, which is rare with Essence lipsticks, and I also love shades, specially red one, so I'm glad, I got them. 

What do you think about these 2 lipsticks, will you or did you get any? Thank you for reading!