Random Sunday #34

Hi, girls! It's time for another Random Sunday post.

My blog has more than 600 followers on Facebook, so I prepared a little giveaway. You can check it and enter on my Facebook page, if you haven't yet. ;)  Read more about giveaway here.

I wore a giraffe manicure few days ago. My nails were nubbins and now they're even shorter, because nail on my middle finger broke. :(

I bought an organizer in Kik for 4 € to store my makeup. In this one I store blushes, pigments, gel liners, mono eyeshadows and mascaras. I'm thinking about getting another one. Ok, the quality is not the best, but it's practical.

And this is part of my makeup collection. Brushes, lipglosses and lipsticks are stored one drawer above this one.


2 new Essence TE collections Tribal Summer and Me&My Ice Cream are already available in Müller.

My catch from Essence Tribal Summer collection. Post about these products will be up in few days.

And for the end, my blog passed 500 000 views today, so a big THANK YOU to all for reading it!

How was your week? I wish you happy next week and thank you for reading!