31 Day Challenge - Day 24: Inspired by a Book

Hi, girls! Today I have for you next manicure in 31 day challenge and this one was inspired by a book. I decided to do a Harry Potter inspired manicure, because I really liked HP books (and also movies).

You probably already guessed (if you're a HP fan), what represents each nail - pinkie a lightning, that HP has on his forehead, middle finger Deathly Hallows, index finger first letters of his name and ring and thumb nails a Gryffindor home, in which Harry was living. Polishes, I used for this manicure, are Maybelline 23, Essence BBC Golden Sands, Essence Sunshine 4ever and Catrice Bloody Mary to Go. 

 Are you also a HP fan? What do you think about my manicure? Thank you for reading!