Manicure with Bourjois Turquoise Block and In the Navy

Hi, girls! So, I couldn't wait and I had to try Bourjois polishes, that I bought last week (I showed them in Random Sunday post). I couldn't decided, which one to wear first, so I made a skittle manicure with both of them. I have to admit, they look amazing together.

Although the name of the green shade is Turquoise Block, to me this polish isn't turquoise at all, because it doesn't have blue in it. I would say, it's a nice spring green color. In the Navy is a cobal blue shade. Both polishes have cream finish. I know, some of you don't like their wide brush, but I don't have problem with it. Maybe the polish is only a bit harder to apply on my pinkie, which is the smallest finger, but on others I didn't have problem with application at all. The formula of both polishes is amazing, they are very opaque, I needed only one coat for full coverage. Although I usually use 2 coats of polish, no mather, how opaque it is, I used only one here.

I couldn't leave them alone, I had to do some nail art, so I did something very easy - leopard print. I'm a huge fan of this print, I never get bored of it.

In the bottle is In the Navy very similar to new Essence Show Your Feet polish in Electric blue. I made a  comparison between them on a nail wheel, because I wanted to know, if they're dupes or not. As you can see on the photo, no dupes here. Essence is much brighter than Bourjois. For someone they're maybe close enough, but I like both and I'm glad to have both in my stash.

I bought Bourjois polishes in DM, when they were 25 % off. I'm not sure, if this discount it's still running. I know, also Müller had their polishes 25 % off. If you like any of their polishes, I think it's better to buy them, when they're on sale, becase they're not so cheap.

What do you think about these 2 shades, do you like them? Thank you for reading!