RETO 2013: Video Game

Hi, girls! I'm continuing with RETO 2013 challenge and this week's theme is inspired by video game. This task was not very easy, because I haven't play any video games for such a long time and it was so hard to choose, which one I want to do, but in the end I decided for Pacman.

I used only 2 polishes here, a black one from unknown brand Power, that I always use, and a white one from Essence, named White Hype. Others are tempera paintings. Here it was very easy to work with them and drawing a pacman and ghost wasn't any problem at all. On upper photo you can see my manicure without top coat and on lower 2 with top coat.

What do you think about my pacman inspired manicure? Thank you for reading! Also, don't forget to check, what other girls did.