31 Day Challenge - Day 3: Yellow Nails

Hi, girls! I'm continuing with 31 day challenge and the task of day 3 are yellow nails. For yellow nails I decided to use Catrice Bye, Bye Birdy!, a polish, that's discountinoued for some time now and I actually never wore it before.

Bye, Bye Birdy! is a light yellow shade with slight silver shimmer, that isn't visible on nails. It applys very streaky, like all yellow polishes do. I had to use 3 coats to make it look even.

Yellow reminds me on lemons, so I decided to do a lemon slices nail art. Lemon slices are very easy to do and this nail art actually looks very pretty on nails. Because I used 2 yellow shades and a white, it looked from far away, like I did a gradient and not lemon slices, so it seemed even prettier. I used Claire's yellow pastel polish (I have no idea, how it's called) and a white Beauty UK polish from Urban Girls set.

I also did a quick tutorial for lemon nails. As you can see, it's nothing hard to do: first apply your base color (it doesn't have to be yellow), then use a yellow polish and do a semicircle on the top of your nail. When yellow polish drys a bit, use a white polish and a thin brush to make a line, following the semicircle shape. After that sponge some white on the top of your nail (only in the middle) and then do white lines, which will give a look of lemon slices. Use a top coat and you're done. You can also use other colors, like orange or green to make an orange or a lime.

Are you a fan of yellow nails or yellow is not for you? What do you think about my choise of yellow polish and about my nail art? Thank you for reading!