Once Upon A Time Series: The Huntsman (Nail Art)

Hi, girls! It's Tuesday and it's time for another Once Upon A Time post. Today I didn't feel very creative for makeup, so I decided to do nail art. From the beginning I planned to do The Huntsman inspired nail art, because I liked his character. Today I went through episode 7 with title The Heart is a Lonely Hunter to find the inspiration. 

Let's start with pinkie. I used nude polish as a base and then I draw a heart - he should kill a Snow White and bring the Evil Queen her heart, but instead of that he left Snow White live and he brought back stags heart. That's why then Evil Queen punished him and she took his heart. On my ring finger I applied black polish and then I used The Huntsman golden glittery polish from Essence Snow White collection. I thought it will suit well in this manicure. Next I draw an arrow and a dagger on my middle finger. Usually The Huntsman is connected to axe, but in the show he hunts with arch and arrows, so I decided to do arrow. With the dagger he should kill Snow White, but then he didn't. On my index finger I draw a wolf. The Huntsman grew up among the wolfs. In episode 7 all the time appears a wolf with one brown and one red eye. In the end I wrote The Huntsman on my thumb.

Polishes I used for this manicure are: Essence Totally Retro Nude, Essence The Huntsman, Essence BBC Golden Sands, Essence Romeo, Essence Save Your Kisses For Me, white Fingrs Original French Manicure  and random black polish. 
I'm pretty satisfied with this manicure, the wolf came out better than I expected. I'm kinda dissapointed, that The Huntsman/Sherif Graham died so quickly, I really liked his character. And he was so handsome. :P

What do you think about my The Huntsman inspired nail art? Did you like his character in the show? Thank you for reading.