Once Upon A Time Nail Art Challenge + A Surprise

Hi, girls! Few days ago Gin Shivers suggest me to create a Once Upon A Time nail art challenge, because she thought many of you would join. I asked you, what do you think about the idea and some of you really liked it, so I created a short challenge. I think 9 challenges in one month is enough, specially because I know some of you have exams and you don't have so much time.

The tasks are:
Day 1: Storybrook/Enchanted forest on 2. Februar
Day 2: Favourite villain on 5. Februar
Day 3: Favourite female character on 8. Februar
Day 4: Favourite male character on 11. Februar
Day 5: True love's kiss on 14. Februar
Day 6: Magic comes with a price on 17. Februar
Day 7: Mirror mirror on the wall on 20. Februar
Day 8: The princess on 23. Februar
Day 9: Inspired by your favourite episode on 26. Februar

Tehniques, colors and everything else is your choise. You can do a free-hand nail art, stamping, you can use sticker ... What ever inspires you by a certain task.
We start on Saturday and I know, this is kinda quick, but I have a surprise for you. Because in Februar is my third Blogaversary and I don't want to do again a big giveaway, which is going to win someone, who is here only for the prize, I decided I'll rather do something else. I saw on some other blogs, that bloggers are doing a giveaway for the girls, who join their challenges and I think this is a good idea, so I'll try it myself too. There will be 2 small prizes, nothing big. One will go to the girl, who will do the best manicure by the readers choise and one will reward I - I'm going to choose my favourite manicure. In this giveaway will only participate those, who will join the challenge.

Prizes are: 
- Prize 1: Essence Cooper'ize me, Catrice Forget-Me-Not! and Astor 136
- Prize 2: Essence Sunshine and Red Roses, Essence Night in Vegas and Astor 153

Prize 1: Favourite manicure by the choise of readers
Prize 2: My favourite manicure

For the prize 1: On 26. Februar the challenge ends, so you'll have time till 28. at midnight to send me the photo of your favourite manicure you did for this challenge (that means, you choose 1 from all 9 manicures and you cooperate with it) on my email tgjerkes@gmail.com. Because every girls does 9 manicures and if there will be a lot of participant, there would be too many manicures, so I think 1 cooperating in giveaway for prize 1 is enough. On 1. March I'll publish all manicures I'll receive in one post and I'll also do a poll. Readers will have time till 5. March to vote for their favourite manicure. On 6. March both winner will be announced. In giveaway will only participate manicures I'll receive by email, so if you won't send your favourite manicure, you can't win prize 1.

For the prize 2: For this prize will participate all manicures, that you will do for this challenge. That means, I'll look at all 9 manicures of each participant and I'll choose my favourite one. But I'll definitelly look at the best idea and realization by my choise. Some probably think, why would she do that, but this is my kind of thank you to all of you, who will participate. But here is another catch - you have to do all 9 manicures till the end of Februar (that means till 28.) or I won't take you into consideration. I mean, that's fair to all the girls, who will finish this challenge on time. 

If you have any question, please write them in a comment below or email me at tgjerkes@gmail.com. English is not my native language, so I know, there can be some not clear things. Anyone can join, giveaway is also open international, so don't hesitate and join. 

Feel free to share challenge on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest ...

If you want to join the challenge, please comment below and leave the url of your blog. I'll write the list of participants in the end of this post. 

Mateja D.
Milena Vanchoska
Baroque Fool
Fairy Ana 
Samantha Ann 
Always Polished Nails