Monthly Favourites - December 2012

Today I have for you some products, I was loving in last month of 2012. I don't have a lot of new favourite products, because I'm mostly using the same products, specially for my skin care. Beauty products I loved in November, would be on my list in December too, so I excluded those and that's why there are only 3 beauty products in this post.

Balea Aqua Serum is a product, I'm using during a whole year. I already used up few bottles of it. In summer I used it once a day, because my skin isn't as dry then, but in winter I used it in the morning and in the evening, after I wash my face and before I use a face cream (a face cream is a must have product in winter for me). You can read my review about this product here.
I had problems with very dry sking around my eye area and I bought Balea Urea Augencreme, which is a cream for dry skin. I love it. Before that I was using Balea Aqua Augen Roll-one, but this cream is much better. Since I started using it, my skin around eye area feels much better and it's not dry anymore. I use it twice a day. 

Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner was also on the list of my 2012 favourite products. This is probably the best conditioner I tried. Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog recommended it and I had to try it, because since colder weather started, my hair are very dry. It moustirizes hair great and it makes them very soft. It also smell very nice.

I'm in love with Lush Lemony Flutter. This is such a great product. It mousturizes my cuticles great and it has amazing lemony smell. If you apply a bit more of product and you don't massage it into cuticles, it melts in few minutes and it soakes into a skin. I usually do that before going to bed, so my cuticles aren't dry in the morning. I use it few times a day for more than a month now and I have a feeling I didn't use anything. It will last forever, although the packaging isn't hygienic.   

On my beauty list are Deborah BB cream in Fair, Elf lipstick in Seductive and Sleek Storm palette. Sleek palettes are the best palettes I've tried. They're great pigmented, easy to apply and blend and they last long on the lids. Strom is my favourite palette, because it's great for natural and also for smoky looks. I was using it a lot in December. You can read my review about it here
I used Elf lipstick with almost every look I did in December. Application, color, finish - I love them all. I'm planning to write a longer review about it soon. I'm also going to write a longer review about Deborah BB cream, but for now I can tell you, that I love it, because it works great for my skin. I have normal skin with no blemishes and it gaves me good coverage and it evens my skin complexion (I really don't know, how to say that better in English). It lasts around 8 hours on me.

Did you try any of products, that are on my list? What do you think about them? What were your favourites in December? Thank you for reading.