31. december 2012

Year 2012 on Taya My Little Beauty World Blog

Hi, girls! This is my last post for year 2012 and I decided to go through posts, I published this year. Everybody is doing posts about favourites nail polished and manicures in 2012 and I decided to do all in one post. I'll also go through challenges, I joined this year, new series of posts, I started to publish and more. I hope, you'll like this post.

My favourite polishes of 2012
I choosed 18 polishes. Quite a lot. But I love all these. On my list I added polishes, that were published on my blog in year 2012. I wore few polishes, that I never photographed. If those would be published, this list would look different. In the end you I'll show you few of my favourite polishes, that were not swatched yet, but I did wore them.

These polishes would probably be on my favourites list, if I would swatch them this year: China Glaze Trendsetter, China Glaze Aquadelic, China Glaze Sun Worshiper, Essence Glitterastic, Essence I'm So Very, Catrice Heavy Metallic, Look by Bipa Blue Stars and Essence Colourbration.

My favourite nail art's of 2012
Those are manicures, that weren't done for any challenge. This year I made a lot of nail art manicures, much more than last year. Next year I hope I'll do them even more.

Nail art challenges 2012
This year I joined quite a few challenges:

Here are some of my favourites manicures, I did for these challenges:

Spring Challenge Fruits and Dots, Spring Challenge RainbowBlack&White Challenge Day Black On White, Black&White Challenge Day Black With Some Color , Three Challenge Ultra Modern, Black&White Challenge Day Black On White, Summer Challenge Recreate Your Favourite Manicure, Summer Challenge Fruit, Summer Challenge Favourite Song, Summer Challenge Favourite Color, Black&White Challenge Manicure Of Your Own Choice.

Four Elements Challenge 2012
This was the challenge, created by me. It had four tasks: fire, water, air and earth. It was a nail art and make up challenge and this is, what I did:

My 5 most read posts on my blog in 2012 are:

New post series on my blog in 2012:
I started with few new weekly/monthly post series on my blog and it looks like you like them, so I'll continue with them next year.

My Favourite Products of 2012
Here are none polish related products. I chosed some, I used them most this year. Few came out this year, few I tried for the first time and I loved them and few are just my all time favourite products.

Lipsticks I loved the most this year: Essence Berry Me Home, Catrice Lovely Lilac, Catrice Lobster Love, Alverde Nude, Elf Seductive.

Essence Pigments. One of the best products, that was released this year.

 Hand Products: Balea Sheabutter Vanille hand lotion and Essence 24 Hand Protection Balm Apple Cinnamon Punch.

Nail "care" products: Aveo Mandel nail polish remover and Lush Lemony Flutter.

Hair products: Garnier Fructis Repair and Shine mask, Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner and Alverde Haaröl Mandel Argan. 

My all time favourites base coat and top coat: Essence Nail Art BS and Essence Better Than Gel Nails top sealer.

My favourite beauty products: Deborah BB cream in Fair, Alverde Vanilla eyeshadow, Catrice Pink Grapefruit Shake, Essence Renesmee Red, Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base, Essence I Love Extreme volume mascara and Essence My Sparkling Acrobat liner.

My all time favourite palettes: Sleek palettes in Storm, Curacao and Chaos.

I hope, you like this post. I wish you all the best in 2013 and may all your wishes come true. And I hope you'll stay with me in 2013 too. I love you all. Thank you for reading. :)

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  1. so many amazing nail polishes, nail designs... you did a lot of great work in this year, love this your view of year 2012. I wish you a nice colourful year 2013 :-)

    1. Thank you. Year 2012 was great for my blog, I did a lot of things, I'm proud off. :D

  2. Uf, tole je pa vzelo svoj čas! :) Super objava, čisto vse manikure so mi všeč, pa nekaj skupnih najljubših produktov imava! :D

    1. Ja, mi je vzelo precej časa, ampak mi je post lepo uspel. :D Hvala. Lahko objaviš tudi ti kaj podobnega. :D

  3. I love the flower nail design with the blue stripes! so pretty! once I get nail polish remover I'm trying it out haha

    btw, do you know at good nail polish remover products? I use your basic nail remover but I was wondering if there was something out there that removes it super fast?

    1. Thank you. :)
      I used a lot of nail polish removers, but this Aveon NPR is the best to me, it removes my nail polish super fast, it's doesn't dry me cuticles and it's cheap.

  4. želim ti još bolju,sretniju novu 2013!

  5. Ta krema za roke od Essence je pa ena najbolj dišečih, kar so jih kdaj imeli..tak lep prazničn vonj :) Srečnega pa zdravega, pa čim več super manikur :)

    1. Meni je to najbolj krasno dišeča Essencova krema.
      Tudi tebi vse najlepše v novem letu. :)

  6. Manikure so vse tako lepe, težko izberem najljubšo :)

  7. odlične nijanse lakova, sve mi se sviđaju, a manikure su ti baš maštovite i zanimljive.

  8. Great post! Happy New Year to you! :)

    1. Thank you. To you too, all the best. :)

  9. Happy new year doll! I enjoyed this post so much :D

    1. Thank you. :* All the best in 2013 to you too. :)

  10. Super post. Vsi nail arti so čudoviti. Si pa vključila veliko stvari, ki so tudi meni najljubše :)

  11. krasan post, ovako na okupu se vidi da si odradila brdo dobrih stvari :D

  12. Woo hoo! Happy Hump Day!You win for best manicures ever!
    Give yourself a pat on the back and a big hug for making it this far! You can do it! Keep going! You are writing blog posts that are inspiring others and affecting positive change-so get at it and write some more!
    Thanks for adding value to those around you!
    Ciao ciao for now~


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