Random Sunday #5

Hi, girls! How are you? It's Sunday and it's time for another Random Sunday. Today it will be shorter. I didn't photograph much this week. I also had a lot of problems with Internet connection. Our modem died and we had to replace it. Then Internet worked for some time, then didn't work. Complications. But now it luckily works great.

My nails are short. They're even shorter now than on this photo. Nail on my ring finger broke and I had to fill them down. But luckily I have a lot of material to show you, so I don't mind. I made leopard manicure, because I think it looks great on short nails. And it's easy to do. I used Essence Love's Recipe, Ruby Kisses Tropical Green, Catrice It's All I Can Blue and random black polish.

Waiting to be swatched. 4 Beauty UK palettes. I couldn't help myself, I got 4 palettes for the price of two and they were even on sale. Great bargain.

Yesterday came to our house 2 cats. It looks like someone abandoned them. What kind of people do that? We decided to adopt them. They both look in good condition and healthy. One is he and one is she. They still don't have names. 

Our Ris. He doesn't like the cats. He's so jealous. He wants our attention all for himself.

 One inspirational quote for the end.

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday and I wish you a nice beginning of the week. Thanks for reading.