Random Sunday #4

Hi, girls! How was your weekend? Mine was great, I had a good time this weekend with my friends and my darling. Now it's already Sunday. I can't believe, how quick the time passes by.

Summer published photo of pancakes on Twitter and she made me hungry, so I had to do them for dinner. The best dinner ever!

On Wednesday there was a big orange moon in the sky and I took some photos. Well, I'm not that good photograph or I just don't know all functions of my camera, so I made poor photos. The moon looked huge on the sky, but on photo it looks pretty small.

I was playing with pigments this week. I made look only with them. I used Essence Alice Had a Vision - Again, Strawberry Smoothie, Smell The Caramel and Catrice Havana Drum. Not that bad, these make up looks can be very intensive.

One of my NOTD's this week. Essence I'm So Very and Essence Waking Up In Vegas. I love this combo, Waking Up In Vegas never dissapoints me.

The package from Brazil finally arrived this week. I started arranging this swap already in June and it took a while, also because they send the package back to my swapper, but now it finally found the way to me.

And look, what was in it. Hits No Olimpo holographic polishes!

 The weather isn't very sunny here, it shines here and there, so here are quick swatches for you. I'll do better swatches, I just hope the sun will cooperate with me. 
Ares, Atena, Poseidon, Apollo and Hera.

Demeter. This is my current NOTD. Look at this holo effect. I made photos, when it was cloudy and it's still very strong. I already see, how beautiful will they look in the sun with no clouds on the sky.

This week I had quite a lot of views on my blog. Twice were more than 950 views a day and on Friday there were more than 1000 views on my blog. All I can say it's wow.

Link Love:
*Krvava Meri wrote a great post about buying used cosmetics. Worth to read (unfortunately for international readers, the post is in Slovenian).

*Nihrida showed swatches of Hip Queens Wear Blue Yeans, that came back on Catrice shelfs this fall and new version has no shimmer. Looks like something I need to have in my stash. Creme shades rock my world.

*German Blogger Angelina was on Wetter, dass ...? yesterday and she had to guess 4 from 5 polishes. They were randomly picked from 230 polishes. Guess, what? She did it! Yay for nail polish addicts.

*Slovenian bloggers, there is a new blog for us, called Slovenian Bloggers. It's a coalition of all bloggers, that are Slovenian nationality, to get us know each other better.

*I choosed winner of my Essence giveaway and I already send her email. She still didn't respond, but I hope she will soon. If not, I'm choosing another winner. Click here to see who the winner is.


Thank you for reading.