Deborah Milano 58 Sparkling Bronze

Hi, girls! Today I'm showing you one very amazing and interesting shade from Deborah Milano. It's called Sparkling Bronze. I got it some time ago in Nama, when it was 30 % off, because I had my eye on this polish for some time before that and I had to use this opportunity to finally get it. It's an amazing shade, just look at it. 

It's a brownish shade with pink and green shimmer. I used 3 thin coats. Application of this polish is amazing and it drys pretty fast. I would never think that these 3 colors can look so great together, but they do. Definitely a very special shade in my stash. 

What do you think, girls? Do you like it or you're not a fan of that kind of colors?

P. S.: My nail polish has a label with name Tehnologia Brevettata, but I googled this polish and I found a name Sparkling Bronze for it. Any idea, what is its real name (if any of you have it)? Thank you.