Random Sunday #3

Hi, girls! How are you. My today's Sunday isn't very happy. This time of the month + snow = a bad combination for me. 

This is how it looked my view this morning. Luckily it stopped snowing and the snow melted after few hours, so I was more happy. I don't like snow. 

Few days ago I used Essence Cool and the Gang as my manicure and the polish formula became a bit odd, it had small blue particles in it. That's probably the consequence of not using it for more than a year. But I still love it.

Some numbers. On Wednesday I wrote my 5000th tweet. For a girl, that's know as a quite and not very talkative, specially when a lot of people are around, that's a lot.  

Last year I made one Haloween manicure and I pin it on Pinterest. To me it's nothing special, but people started repin it and like it like crazy. I'm not use to that big numbers on Pinterest.

This week Catrice Big City Life collection came in Slovenia. I was so excited, I found an untouched stand. Lucky me.

And here's what I got. I show this photo on FB as a sneak peek. You can read my review here, if you haven't yet. :)

And that happens, when you're afraid of spiders. While photographing swatches of San Francisco, one spider climbed into a sleeve of my hoodie and I got so afraid, that I drop everything out of my hands. Unfortunatelly the polish broke, but luckily I have a dupe - Catrice  Be Pool.

I manage to save some amount of polish, so I decided to do a franken. A had one white H&M polish, which was a half empty, so I pour San Francisco (or what was left of it) into H&M polish bottle and nice minty shade came out. It reminds me a lot on Essence You Belong To Me. Sorry for bad application, but the polish is thick. I had to add more thinner in it.

Big egg. What better cure to pms than maxi Kinder Egg. I'm loving those. I'm like a little kid, I'm so curious what's inside. Today I got sweet blue penguin. It's a pendant.

Essence Walk On The Wild Side. It's a base for today's manicure I did (which I'll show you in haloween post in 2 days). 

I had to publish one OOTD in this Random Sunday too. I love neon clothes and they're nice refreshment in those grey days. I feel good, nanananananana, in bright clothes. :)

Ris. *heart*

Link love:

*Deja showed us step by step, how to apply bold lipstick. I use only 2 steps, first I apply lipbalm, if my lips are dry, and then I apply lipstick. I think I'll have to start following all the steps Deja showed. (She actually published this on Sunday, but I read it after I published my post, so I decided to include it this week.)

*This week I discovered Thunder + Threads blog and while browsing I found this article. It was very inspirational for me to read it. At the moment I'm in situation, when I'm on crossroad and telling the truth, I have no idea what's going to happen with my life after I graduate, specially in those hard times, so it very nice to read such kind of posts.

* Mateja wrote post about her favourite products from drugstores. Definitely worth to check out, if you're a drugstore buyer like me and also if you're not. She mention a lot of great products. 

*Misslyn will release new limited edition collection in November and part of it will be duochrome eyeshadow(s). How amazing is that? You can see few swatches here.


Thanks for reading. I wish you all nice beginning of the weekend. :)