Haul From Graz and NOTD (P2 Hold Me Tight)

Today I have for you a nail polish haul. I haven't done that kind of post for a long time, but yesterday my BF and I made a quick trip to Graz and I got some new beauties, specially from H&M and I have to show them to you. We were talking about going to Graz one day this week, but yesterday we both had time and then we just quickly decided, let's go now. And we went. 

Here's a group photo of polishes I got. P2 Hold Me Tight was the only polish I had written on the paper, that I urgently need to get. I also took teal Astor 153, because it looks amazing in the bottle. I'll try to do swatches of my Astor polishes soon.

First we went to Center West, because H&M there has cosmetics. I also wanted to buy some eyeshadows, but my BF said, that I don't need them, so I didn't bought any. I said, you're right, it's better for me to save this money for Catrice Big City Life palettes. :D I bough 6 polishes, but three of them were on sale, so I got 2 polishes for 1 €, one for 2 € and others for their regular price (Bella's Choise and Honey I'm Home were 3,95 € and New Moon was 1,95 €).

New Moon, Bella's Choise, Hunt Me Down, Peppermint Fusion, Honey I'm Home, Deep Deep Water.

Alessandro Luscious Brocade was on my WL, since I saw promo photos. I was searching it in different drugstores by us, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so you can imagine my happiness, when I found it in Müller in Graz. It looks like I had to go to Austria to get it. :) This is amazing duochrome color and it's going to be perfect shade for fall.  

First polish I had to try is P2 Hold Me Tight. I felt in love with this shade on Candy Glaze blog. It's gorgeous dusty red color with burgundy hint to it (I don't know, how to describe this color otherwise). It's beautiful shade and I know I'm repeating myself, but this is a perfect shade for fall. This polish has good formula and the application didn't cause me any problem. I used 2 coats. It's on my nail ATM and I can't stop starring at them. And trust me, I'm not a huge fan of red polishes, I constantly wear green or blue ones. This polish is a dupe of Chanel April shade, so if you have Chanel polish on your WL, rather get this one. It's cheaper, but also great.  

What do you think about my haul? Do you like H&M polishes? What about P2 shade, are you fan of this kind of red?