Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties

Some time ago I found an untached Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties collection in Müller. This collection has some amazing colors for fall. I loved specially all lipsticks, although in the end I decided to take only one. The most interesting was the shade Marlene's Favourite. I also took a blush, because lately I'm crazy about blushes, and one nail polish. 

Gone with the wind is a pinkish red blush with particles, that look like a stone, but they dissapear, when you use more blush. It has a good pigmentation and it's very nice to blend. Yesterday I was wearing it for 6 hours and it still looked good, so the lasting is good. 

Marlene's favourite is a dark pink matt lipstick. It's easy to aplly, but on me it didn't last very long. Because it's matt, it also drys lips a bit. But I like it anyway, it's perfect color for fall.

Swatches of lipstick and blush.

Lipstick on my lips. In RL it's darker, but it was so hard to capture the real color.

I took polish in The Nude Scene. It's a pinkish nude. I have no idea, why I though I'm going to like this color. Maybe because I still don't own anything similar. Plus nude polishes look so bad on me. I'll have to find a new home for this polish. Here I used 2 coats.

Did you get anything from this limited edition? What do you think about it?