Two Recent Leopard Print NOTD's

Today I have for you two leopard manicures, that I wore lately. 

The first one is a yellow manicure with 2 accent leopard print nails. As a base I used Essence My Yellow Fellow from Blossoms etc... collection. For leopard print I used Catrice Take It Mint, China Glaze Riveting and random black polish. On other nails I decided to do a golden french with Catrice Miss Money Penny. This is probably the most beautiful and successful leopard print I've ever done.

The next one is a bit different leopard print. My inpiration was a half moon manicure, but it's not a real half moon, because it's triangular. As a base I used Essence You Belong To Me. Then I applied Essence The Boy Next Door over it so that I left a triangle on the top of the nail. And then I made a leopard print with Essie Action and random black polish. It was very easy to do and it looked very nice.

And here is a swatch of Essence You Belong To Me. It's very gorgeous mint shade, easy to apply and opaque in two coats. If there is still a chance, that you find it anywhere around you, grab it till you can. Sorry for my messy application, but I was using Essence Nail Fixing System as a base coat and those fibers are always visible on the tips of the nails (they're usually not visible anymore, when I apply a top coat).

What do you think girls? Do you love to wear leopard print?

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  1. Odgovori
    1. Mine too. It's the best leopard print I've done.

  2. Triangular half moon. Great idea.

    1. Thank you. It actually turned out pretty good.

  3. i love them both! you can never go wrong with leopard!

  4. I love animal prints of all kind, especially on the nails! The first mani is so cool with the colored leo print! And the second one is absolutely gorgeous!! You did a great job on both of them! :)

  5. Waaaa obe sta popolni <3 Za zadnjo ti bom verjetno "ukradla" idejo ;)

  6. You belong to me lakec je res najlepši! Si moram naredit zalogo, če ga še najdem kje.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  7. lijepo i jednostavno :-D
    ja bih ipak radije nosila plavu verziju, žuti lak uz moj ten grozno izgleda

  8. love your nail tutorial!
    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story


  9. Love both leopard manis! I have to try some kind of leopard mani too :)

  10. Thank you all girls for your sweet comments. I'm glad, you like both. ;)


Thank you for all your sweet comments, I appreciate every one of them. <3