Review: Ecotools Brushes

In our drugstores there aren't a lot of brushes available, specially not sets. Some drugstore brands have their own brushes, like Essence, Catrice, I think also Artdeco, MaxFactor, but you have to buy them separately. The only brushes, that are available in set in our drugstores, are Ecotools brushes, as much as I know. There are available sets of brushes on internet, but I'm not a big internet buyer, I prefer drugstores.

In drugstore Tuš I found this set of 5 Ecotools brushes for eye makeup. They came in a nice cotton case with a mirror. Handles of brushes are made from bamboo. They're shorter than usual, but still nice to hold. Even better to use, if you're shortsighted like me and you're doing your make up very close to a mirror. Bristles are very soft, I really love them. Every brush has written on handle its purpose - if it is for smudginh, highlighting, blending ... They're very nice to wash, because bristles don't fall out at all. This sets costs 12,52 €.

Smudge Brush
"Smudge shadow and liner along last line for a smoky look."
This is the smallest brush in the set. It's a great brush. I'm using it mostly to smudge eyeshadow under my eyes. I still haven't test it with liner, because i'm always wearing a gel or a liquid liner.

Petite Eye Shading Brush
"Use with deeper or acccint colors for a bold look."
This one is called shading brush. It's also pretty small, it's nice to apply eyeshadow, but to small to apply it over the whole lid with few strokes. I use it mostly for applying eyeshadow under my eyes. It's also good for applying eyehadow in inner corner.

Highlighting Brush
"Perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of the eye."
This is my favourite brush from this set. It makes its job great, it highlighs perfectly. I use it on my browbone and in inner corner of my eyes. Beacuse of this brush this set was worth to buy. 

Large Eye Brush
"Apply and blend shadows."
If this brush would be smaller, it would be great for using. This brush is 1,5 cm wide and it coveres a half of my lid. If you have small eyelid, this brush is too big for you. I also tested it for blending, but as I said, it's too big and I couldn't control it perfect as I could do it with a smaller brush. I use this brush very rarely, but I read that girls use it for highlighting.

Angled Crease Brush
"Softly apply color to crease for definition."
This is an angled crease brush. It's perfect for applying eyeshadow in crease. After that I always use Essence smokey eyes brush to blend the eyeshadow. But mostly I use only Essence brush, iz depends on a day.

I'm not a professional in make up or something, but I hope, this review is good and it will help someone. I'm also planning to review Essence brushes soon.

What are you favourite make up brushes? What do you think about Ecotools brushes?

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  1. I always wanted to buy this set. :] Maybe I will. It's nice. But for now I have all brushes I need. I loved their brushes until a blush brush didn't fall apart. XD It was epic! Oh well..

    1. I think you won't regret it, if you buy it. Falling apart can happen with any brush, you have to be careful, when you wash them.

  2. To je tudi moj najljubši set čopičev!
    Res so dobri, sploh za tako ceno.

    1. Da, cena je tudi meni krasna, sploh niso dragi in kvalitetni so.

  3. Ta set imam tudi jaz in mi je super. Edino ta veliki čopič mi je povsem neuporaben.
    Edino kar me res moti je to da se med dlakami običajno nabere kar dosti senčila.

    1. Tale velik čopič je res neuporaben. Če bi bil manjši, bi bil super za nanos senčila.
      Jaz pa nisem opazila tega, meni pa se nabere ravno dovolj senčila.

  4. I haven't tried any Ecotool brushes but I think they're an interesting option. I have a few of the Essence brushes for eyes and I'm very pleased with them.

    1. You should try them, you won't regret. I have some Essence brushes too. I'm planning to write a review in future about them too.

  5. thanks for this review, I haven't tried Ecotools but I found some sets at ebay some days ago and I didn't know if they were any good. This set looks perfect for traveling and with a retractable powder/blush brush you need no more brushes!

    1. These brushes are quite good. I totally agree with you. And you even have a case to wear them with you. :)


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