NOTD: Abstract Flowers On Exits On Your Right

Today I have pictures spam for you, but I couldn't help myself, I'm so liking this manicure. Yesterday was so hot, that I wasn't even in the mood to paint my nails, but then I was in the bad mood because of some people and I decided to do a nail art to make me feel better.

But before I start with my nails of the day, let me tell you, that I decided to change my watermark. The old one was really getting on my nerves and I made it always in corner of photos, so anyone could crop it. Now I made smaller one and somewhere in the center of the photo. Tell me, is is good or it's too much noticable? Does it bother you on photos? Should I do it more transparent? Let me know, what you think. Every critique is good. ;)

Yesterday I started with 2 coats of Essence Exits On Your Right from Ready for Boarding TE. It's gorgeous bright green creme shade, very nice to apply and of course a perfect base for nail art.

Then I made flowers on 2 accent nails (my accent nails are always ring finger and thumb ;)). I wanted to do a bit different flowers than I usually do. I made two dots on each finger and then short stripes in circles around them. I call them abstract, because they don't look that much as flowers. I also added some leaves. I didn't want to let other fingers "naked", so I made some stripes. They are far away from perfect, but hey, it's an abstract manicure. Lol. I really really like the finished look. Polishes, I used: Essence Beauty On Tour for flowers, Essence Bashful for leaves and Essence Viva La Green for stripes. Here is a little photo spam. 

What do you girls think? Do you like it as I do? And please, tell me your opinion about my new watermark.