Swatches and Review: Catrice Revoltaire LE

Today I have for you swatches and review of my purchase from Catrice Revoltaire limited edition collection. I got only one eyeshadow palette in Toxic Combination, lipstick Colour Bomb and nail polish Innocent Toxin. I love packaging, the pattern is so cute on lipstick and nail polish and the packaging of eyeshadow palette it's just gorgeous.

Toxic Combination is an eyeshadow palette with two green shimmery eyeshadows (acid green, dark olive green), one bright grey eyeshadow and a dark grey cake eyeliner. It has a mirror, which I didn't photograph, and a duo applicator. I usually don't use those applicators, that came with palettes, so I can't say much about it.
The formula of eyeshadows is very soft, they're very easy to apply. I tested them on my lids and they did a great job - they didn't crease and didn't fade after few hours. Also the pigmentation is good. I made swatches without eyeshadow base. I'm very satisfied with this palette. It costs 5,19 €. I specially like acid green color, it's perfect for spring and it made my eyes very noticeable. 

In this collection there were 3 lipsticks, but I decided to try only this one, because others two I probably wouldn't wear. Colour Bomb is a coral lipstick. This is the first Catrice lipstick I tried and I love it. Formula, pigmentation, application - everything is great. But because it has matt finish, it does drys a lips after time a bit. I really like how it looks on me. It costs 4,19 €.

Innocent Toxin is an acid green shimmery shade, although shimmer isn't that visible on nails. I love Catrice brush, application is so easy with it. This shade is very close to ACid/DC. I'll made a comparison between them and some other brands. Here I used 2 coats.

What do you think about this collection? Did you get anything from it?

EDIT: Aurora asked for MU look with this palette and here it is. First I didn't want to publish it, cuz the photos are not the best, but I probably won't have time to do and publish another one for some time, so I'll show you this one anyway. And, please, ignore my eyebrows. I didn't fill them, cuz I only did eye MU for testing palette. Eyeshadow are all from this palette, eyeliner is the Essence Circus Circus glitter eyeliner and mascara is Essence I Love Extreme.

I hope, Aurora, that you like this look, although it's very simple. :D