Nail Art Contest Ends Tomorrow

I just want to remind you, that tommorow ends my Nail Art Contest. You still have time till Midnight tomorrow to send your manicure. You can read all the rules here, if you haven't yet. This is a sheduled post, because I'm on vacation, but I'll answer on your emails, when I'll be back home, so I'll confirm, that I received your entry. I hope, you'll decided to take a part in this contest.

3 komentarji

  1. Ah, šment, za en dan sem ga zamudila. :( Sem bila zdoma. Škoda. Komaj čakam da vidim stvaritve!

  2. V bistvu je še danes do polnoči čas, sem malo dvoumno napisala tole. Se opravičujem.

  3. Check out the Nailasaurus latest blog post . All you have to do is upload a picture of your nail art, the public votes, and the winner gets the Entire Essie Summer Collection!!!


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