Some news + Where can you find me + Award + NOTD

First I have some news for you. I got a student job this week. I start on Monday. I'll work from Monday to Friday, so I have no idea, how much time and will will I have for posting, but I'll try to post as regular as I did until now. That also means, I'm going to be in Ljubljana, but my polishes and camera at home, so I'll do swatches only during weekends. I never did my swatches in Ljubljana and I have a perfect place at home for photographing. I only hope, I'll have enough time during weekends. There's a lot of beauties waiting to be shown to you. :)


Next news is, that I added new page to my blog. I did a list of my nail polish collection. You can find it here.


I join few social network and here's where you can find me:

You can follow me on any of these pages. 


Next thing is a blog award. I received it from Mateja from Purple Glitters. Thank you, Mateja.

This award is for the bloggers who I want to show love to.
1. Leave a link back to the person who gave it to you.
2. Blog about your award.
3. Give this award to 5 bloggers & let them know you give it to them. 

I gave this award to:

And the last thing is my today NOTD, so you want just read my talking. 

China Glaze Aquadelic, 2 coats + Essence Stop For An Ice Cream (Color3), 1 coat


12 komentarjev

  1. congrats with a job! :)
    and thank you very much for the award!

  2. čestitam na poslu, nadam se da nam te neće oteti skroz ;-D
    čestitam i na nagradi, hvala što je i meni daješ, a ja upravo završila post o jednoj... duuuugi post ;-D

  3. Congratulations on your new job!

  4. čestitam za službo!
    pa tole je prekrasna kombinacija!

  5. Congrats on your job!!! :D And thank you so much for the award! :)

  6. Hvala za nagrado, mogoče jo pa delim 1 dan (čeprav jih načeloma ne). Lepa manikura <3

  7. Beautiful nails! ^^ Love the color, my favourite. :3


Thank you for all your sweet comments, I appreciate every one of them. <3