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Hello, my dear readers. How did you spend your Valentine's day? Mine was actually pretty bad, because I've spent all day in bed. I woke up ill, I was throwing out and I also had an exam, so you can imagine, how did that went. Not so good. But I want to thank to all of you for your good wishes in comments on previous post. I still don't feel good, so I'm resting in my bed and I decided to write a post.

Today I have for you blue pastel polish from Beauty UK Urban Girls set. It's very nice shade and I used it a lot back in December, when I was doing nail art for Winter Edition posts. The application was a bit tricky and I had to use three coats to even it, but final result is gorgeous. In this set are 6 polishes. I'm going to swatch them all soon and show them to you, because Spring is coming and these are perfect shades for Spring.

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  1. a ovo je jedna od onih periwinkle nijansi, obozavam tu vrstu plave :)

  2. Thank you all for your lovely comments. ;)

    Hvala vsem za lepe komentarje. ;)

  3. krasna boja, čini mi se da sve živne kad imaš ovakav lak na noktima ;-D

  4. hi, Taya! I have 2 awards for you (read more here :) )


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