The Vertasile Blog Award

Moonchild, Zebra-nails, Mateja and some time ago also Theodora nominated me for The Vertasile blogger award. Thank you, girls. :)

The rules are:
* Thank the person who nominated you.
* State 7 interesting facts about yourself.
* Nominate 15 of your favorite bloggers.

7 facts about me:
* I was never much of a sportsman, but I was training shooting for few years. Then I ended because of the school.
* I have no idea, how many polishes do I have and I'm afraid to count them. My stash is getting bigger and bigger.
* I can't stand my naked nails, they have to be painted with nail polish.
* I'm very shy. When I'm in a company with a lot of people, I'm the quiet one. I actually prefer smaller companies, when I'm meeting only one or two friends. Then I do talk more. :)
* I study History, but I hate politics. That doesn't go together, because history is all about politics. Well, there's a lot of other interesting things about history too, that some of our profesors don't lecture us. 
* I love chinese and mexican food.
* I love animated movies.