Bourjois 1 Second 9

Today I have for you Bourjois 9, a dark purple shade with purple and pink shimmer. This polish has a huge brush, almost too big for my pinkie, but the application still wasn't problematic. I have a macro photo for you, so you can see, how beautiful it looks in the bottle.

The shimmer is less visible on nails, but it's still looks beautiful, specially in the sun. I used two coats. I think this is perfect shade for winter season. Do you have this polish? Do you like it?

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  1. these polish reminds me of OPI Unripened :)

  2. @Let's polish some nails: V moji zbirki je tudi edinstvena.:)

    @neelai: I saw swatches of OPI on many blogs, but they don't look much similar to me. OPI is much darker.

  3. Love the pink shimmer inside the purple polish!! This is amazing, how much do Bourjous retail for? I don't think they are sold in Italy :(

  4. @nail crazy: Res je. :)

    @Simona: It costs around 7, 8€ here. I bought it for half price, when it was on sale.

  5. I hate brushes that big!! But that purple is so pretty!

  6. Nimam še nobenega te znamke, ampak je pa čudovit odtenek in že slišim da me kliče, da ga pridem iskat ;)

  7. @Fingers: Yes, the brush is too big. But for some is maybe great.

    @MissDoll: Tale je moj prvi in tudi edini, ker mi je bil najbolj zanimiv. Vzela pa sem ga na znižanju, drugače so mi itak predragi.

    @njinja: In potem uživati v njem. :)

    @Kleopatra: Res je. :)


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