S-he 314

When S-he Cosmetics changed their package, they released some new shades. S-he 314 is one of them. The color is gorgeous dark green, but the formula isn't the best. It's thicker and hard to apply. I probably won't wear this polish a lot. Well, at least it's good for konading. And nail art. Here I used two coats.

Do you have any new S-he nail polish? What do you think about them?

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  1. Baš je lijepa boja!
    Imam dva-tri nova,ali formula im je grozna kao i prije,pa se i ne zaustavljam previše pred njihovom policom....

  2. ne svidja mi se bas to njihovo novo pakiranje, staro mi je bilo bolje, ali ni tad nisam bila pretjerano zadovoljna kvalitetom, s-he preskacem, kupujem essence :)

  3. I own some of the new released polishes too, and I have the same problem, the colors are beautiful but the formula is a bit thick and hard to work with. The old ones though, have a great formula :)

  4. Gorgeous colour! One of my favourites actually - I mean for everything. Unfortunately right now I'm in Spain and they don't have this brand here, but in less than a month I'm going to Bulgaria and I'll get some shades!

  5. @MyPerfectLounge: Res je. :)

    @Nina: Meni so bilii stari v redu, novi pa kakor naletiš. Nekateri imajo res slabo formulo.

    @Katarrina: Tudi meni ni všeč novo pakiranje, imajo pa kar nekaj novih lepih barv. Essence je pa po kvaliteti res boljši od S-he.

    @Theodora: I totally agree with your comment. :)

    @windyar: I love this color too. I only wish quality of these polishes would be better.

  6. I bought 2 S-He polishes when I was in Croatia and they both have this bottle shape. The first one I tried had a great formula but it's a shimmer and shimmers are always easier to work with than cremes!

  7. Yes, you're right, but I think, their old cremes had better formula, that wasn't that thick.


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