Review And Swatches: Vampire's Love TE Part 2

Today I have for you second part of Essence Vampire's Love TE collection. This time I'm showing you eyeshadow palette, blush and lipstain.

Eyeshadow palette Love At First Bite contains 6 eyeshadows. Darker are very good pigmented, brighter less, but also very useful. All eyeshadow are shimmery and the black has multicolored glitter in it. My favourite is olive green eyeshadow, I'm already planning to do some looks with it. Palette is very useful, but eyeshadows are a bit too shiny for the day look, if you are going to use it on it's own. You get 4 g for 3,89€.

Blush Bloody Mary is another great product from this collection. It's jelly and it's easy to use, because it has a pump. It stains the skin, so it stays longer on cheeks. It's better to use a small quantity, because it's very noticeable. The color is blody red and it looks beautiful on cheeks. You get 13 ml of product for 3,29€.

Lipstain Bloody Mary is a dark purple shade. I don't know, why it's called like that, because by the name I would say it's red. Red one is called True Love, so they probably mixed names by mistake (True Love is also purple polish). I didn't get a red lipstain, because it was sold out. To bad, I love this product. It's very easy to apply, because it has an applicator and it lasts long on lips. Lipstains usually dry lips, but I didn't have that feeling with this one. I hope, I'll get True Love somewhere, because purple is not really the color I would wear every day. You get 8,5 ml of product for 2,19€.

I've also got eau de toilette. I took a photo of it, but my reflection is visible on it, so I won't show it to you. Eau de toilette smell so fine, it's such a sweet scent. And it lasts long. Also the bottle is so cute. 50 ml for 7,49€ is a great deal.

What are you going to get for yourself from this collection or what you already did get?

8 komentarjev

  1. Joj, resnično moram priti do teh lip stainov!

  2. Nujno rabim rdečilo, jaaaaaaaa. <3

  3. @moonchild: Da, super so. Jaz moram tudi dobiti rdečega.

    @Ivana: Rdečilo je krasno in lepo izgleda na licu. :)

  4. I got the eyeshadow palette and actually love it! I don't think the colours are too shimmery for the day, I made a makeup using the pink and purple to go to work and I loved it! I also find them all pigmented enough!

  5. I was usign black, olive green, silver and grey eyeshadows and MU looked very shimmery and sparkly, so I probably wouldn't wear it outside during the day. Today I'm planning to do another MU with this palette.

  6. Ko sem prvič videla kaj bo v tej TE sem si rekla, da moram dobiti vse! sedaj pa vedno bolj ko gledam, vedno manj me zanima. Mogoče si bom privoščila kakšen lakec.

  7. interesting palette and really good swatches! the silvery one was my favorite!

  8. @Mateja: Z nekaterimi kolekcijami se podobno zgodi tudi meni. Ko boš stala pred stojalom, boš videla, kaj te bo pritegnilo. :)

    @EyeGraffiti: Thank you. The palette is great, this time Essence did a good job.


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