Red And Bronze NOTD

This will be short post just to show you, what I wore last two days on my nails. Not one of my best manicures, but I wanted to try those round stickers with holes in centre, that you get with acta folder. Probably it would be better, if I would use some other polish for layering. Essence Be Optimnistic was not the best choise, because it leaves brush strokes and it doesn't look so good. As I base color I used Bourjois 10 Days 16. In the end I layered Manhattan Proshine Glitterlack over my manicure to give it some shimmery shine.

This photo is published just because I love taking photos of my manicures with my study book. Am I weird?

Not one of my favourite manicures, but I'm gonna try something like this with oime other colors/finishes to see, which one work the best together.

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  1. I love to take my pictures on my study book too, I thought that I am only one :D Manicure is beautiful, love it :)

  2. @Aurora: I'm glad, I'm not the only one. :)

    @moonchild: Thank you. :)

  3. samo ti drži knjige blizu ;-D
    nije loša manikura, možda bi čak bilo bolje da si odabrala malo kontrastnije boje ;-D

  4. Barve so bile namerno izbrane, da manikura ne bi preveč izstopala (vem, čudno zame). Naslednjič bom preizkusila druge barve.

  5. Meni so pa barve kar všeč, sem v trgovini gledala Be optimistic pa me ni prepričal ampak tvoja kombinacija je pa luštna

  6. Hvala. Saj meni laka tudi lepo pašeta skupaj, ampak kar me moti, je, da Be Optimistic pušča črte in to potem ne izgleda lepo.


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