Halloween Manicure

Today I wanted to do a water marble, but nothing worked for me. Polishes didn't want to spread on the water. I tried different polishes, the first one always spread on the water, but the others didn't want to, so in the end I give up.

I didn't plan to do a nail art for haloween, but I saw this tutorial on Youtube from Cutepolish and because water marble wasn't successful today, I decided to recreate spider web design. I'm not very satisfied with final result, but probably just because today isn't my nail art day.  

And here are polishes, I used. 

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  1. I find the black web stripes a tiny bit too thick but other than that I think it's great :)
    I tried marbling soo many times, never succeded but I'm still not giving up, hahaha...
    I hope you are well! Kiss!

  2. sviđa mi se... ali mislim da bi bilo još bolje da je mreža malo tanja ;-D

  3. @JUst Me ANd Hohner: I did water marble before and it work, so I don't know, what was wrong yesterday. The web stripes could be thinner, probably that's the reason I don't like this manicure that much.

    @moonchild: Thanks.

    @NC: Se strinjam, če bi bila mreža tanjša, bi verjetno lepše izgledalo. A lak, s katerim sem delala mreže, je že malo gostejši in krtačka malo večja, tako da nisem mogla narediti tanjših mrež. Verjetno mi zato manikura ni tako zelo všeč.

  4. Jako mi se sviđa ova mreža, malo je drugačija od ovih što sam nekako na svakom koraku viđala na noktima, tj. preko cijelih noktiju :)

  5. @Let's polish some nails: Meni je bilo tako tudi lepše. :)

    @Ana: Hvala. :)


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