One Old EOTD And Colorful NOTD

Here is one of my old make up looks. It's simple and neutral look I made using Essence Sun Club Long Island Breeze palette. These eyeshadows are shimmery, but easy to blend and good pigmented, so I use them a lot.

And this is my today's NOTD. I needed something to cheer me up, so I used a lot of bright colors. I was admiring skittles french manicure on Ivana's blog and decided to finally tried it. I did my own version and I love it. It looks so colorful. :) 

Index finger: Essence Blossoms etc. Bloom-A-Loom, Essence Makes Me Weak, Essence Troy;
Middle finger: Essence Makes Me Weak, Ussence Urban Messages It Peace, Essence Troy;
Ring finger: Essence Sun Club BBC Chasing Waves, Essence Blossoms etc. Bloom-A-Loom, Essence Troy;
Pinky: Catrice Up In The Air, Essence Sun Club BBC Chasing Waves, Essence Troy.

8 komentarjev

  1. Hvala za komentarje, punci. Me veseli, da vama je manikura všeč. :)

  2. Preslatko, i lijepe trepavice :)

  3. Sama nikoli ne ustvarjam česa takšnega ampak tvoja verzija mi je pa malce dala misliti in mogoče se res lotim česa zabavnega


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