Layering with Golden Rose Sweet Color 49

Golden Rose Sweet Color 49 is the most beautiful polish, I bought in Bulgaria. It's polish for layering, and it has beautiful glitter, which goes from orange and yellow to blue and green. This is, how it looks in the bottle. It's very sparkly.

It also looks super great on the nails, but it was so hard to photograph. I couldn't capture all colors of glitter. This was actually the best photo, that shows its colors, but still not all. On other photos glitter looked too silver, but in RL it's not silver at all. I layered it over Ilona Lux 38.

So I made a video to show you the true beauty of this polish. His quality is not the best, but it shows all the colors of this polish on the nails.


I also love this beauty, because it's so easy to remove. All I needed was a cotton pad and a nail polish remover and that was that. No nail foil tehnique, which is great.