I did some face and nails posing again. This time the main color is yellow.

I wish the summer will never go away. We have around 25 °C during the day, which is perfect, because it's not too hot. I don't like fall, specially if it rains.

Make up will get his own post (although is simple). The manicure I already published here (yes, I often wear same manicures/nail art, if I like them).

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  1. looks great!! Love the photos with your hand and face.

  2. Again, candy looking nails! Sweet!:D

  3. super fotka, sviđa mi se i oko i nokti :-D
    i novi izgled bloga mi se sviđa, naravno ;-)

  4. Thank you, girls, for all your comments.

  5. Lovely photo, I like the make up-mani combo!


Thank you for all your sweet comments, I appreciate every one of them. <3