MNY 665

MNY 655 is a gorgeous dark blue shimmery shade with good application and opacity. I think this is a perfect shade for fall and winter. I adore this kind of color, I have quite a few dark blue shimmery polishes. This is the polish, that looks black indoors and in the shade, but that doesn't bother me. The shimmer looks flawless in the sun. I applied two coats.

3 komentarji

  1. Wow, res je čudovit =). Moja šibka točka bodo vedno temni laki z globokim shimrom =)

  2. wow, ova je boja kao stvorena za mene ;-D

  3. @colorfulbottle: Moji tudi. Podobnih modrih imam cel kup, ampak jih še vedno kupujem.

    @nail crazy: Potem mora biti nujno tvoj. ;)


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