Another Haul

Yes, I came home from Bulgaria and I bought some more nail polishes. I can't help myself, I'm a nail polish addict. I went to Austria in DM and bought some MNY eyeshadows and polishes. I also took two Astor polishes and I found some things from latest Essence limited edition Colection 50's Girls Reloaded. DM is in Austria so more interesting as by us.

My friend was very enthusiastic with my Sleek Storm i-Divine palette, so I ordered one for her from site Lič (I didn't took a photo of her palette) and alongside I ordered Beauty Uk Earth Child palette, which was on my WL for some time now. As a gift I received Sleek eyeshadow in 972 Candy. Swatches of the palette and eyeshadow will be published soon.

6 komentarjev

  1. Wow!!
    Nice haul!!
    I love every thing!!!

  2. O, komaj čakam na swatche te paletke!

  3. Super nakup! Me pa prav zanima ta paletka. Izgleda lepo

  4. @rock-or-not: Thank you.

    @Biba, Mateja: Se bom potrudila, da objavim swatche čim prej. Danes sem naredila MU z njo in je super.

  5. Ovaj zeleni Astor imam i prekrasan je,a zanima me kako izgleda plavi ;))

  6. Bom objavila swatch čim prej.


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