Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Yellow Fiz

Yesterday I went throught my stash and I discovered, I have only 5 yellow polishes. I need more yellow in my life! That's the reason, I decided to publish the swatch of the yellow polish today. The polish is called Yellow Fiz and it's from Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Collection. What can I say about it? It's a pastel yellow, the application is PITA and when it drys on the nails is much darker than in the bottle. That is the fact, I don't like, because I felt in love with the color in the bottle and that's whay I bought it. I applied three coats, but I think the fourth coat will be necessary. The application was streaky and for me it was hard to apply nice and even coat. The color is more real in the shadow.

Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Yellow Fiz - Sun.
Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Yellow Fiz - Shadow.

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  1. I don't own a lot of yellow polishes too, but I love the ones I have! If you like a more pale yellow you should try the one from Essence (from the colour&go collection) :)

  2. više mi se sviđa kako izgleda u sjeni, a ako ti kažeš da je to realnija slika tim bolje :-D
    i ja sam tek nedavno zavoljela žute lakove, prije se nisam mogla zamisliti s takvim nečim na noktima... ali sad ide sve ;-D

  3. @Elsa: I have this polish from Essence, but I want more that kind of yellow, because I love it.

    @NC: Na soncu mi izgledajo vsi laki dosti bolj živi in malce temnejši. Ne vem, zakaj. Verjetno je odvisno, kje fotografiram. Zame je rumena perfektna barva za poletje.


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